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January 24, 2007



J..I am so sorry for the loss of beautiful Ziggy! That incredible sweet soul kept my lap very warm on New Years Eve! XO..Tina


I'm so sorry for your loss. I never comment, but I just had to say something.


My heart goes to you. I have a dog that I have had for almost 8 years, this year it will be. And the thought of losing my beloved Sugar, makes me cry now, and my heart break. I am one of those crazy fools that treat their dog just like a child. Because she has been around long enough, and acts like one, so I consider her my daughter. So my heart is with you.


I will never forget Ziggy! He definitely did not have a boring life. And he met so many different and interesting people! (as most of us did through you, anyway) And he lived in Brooklyn AND L.A. - not many cats get the bicoastal experience...
I know he's up there with Quigley sharing ice cubes and avoiding tape!

Tribute haiku to the Z:

Black and furry hair
All over your nice clean pants
No more lint brush now

Ziggy, you will be missed.


Well that just sucks. I can imagine you freaked out when you were in the kitchen, I know I did when even my daughter's hamster seized one time.

Take care.


Wow, unexpected. I'm so sorry, hon. *hug* I do know how it feels, good cats are great pals. Ziggy knows ya love him.


Sorry to hear that, girlie!


Sorry to hear about your loss. A pet truly is family. Take care


I am so sorry.
Here's a quote that hopefully makes you smile.

By Paula Poundstone;
The problem with cats is that they get the exact same look on their faces whether they see a moth or an ax-murderer.

So true.

I gave my cats an extra hug today.


Sorry for the loss of Ziggy.
That is a cute picture of him, he was a gorgeous cat.


So Sorry about Ziggy . Even though I don´t know you and never met Ziggy I know how you feel. Very sad.


We lost our two cats last year. Our long-haired Persian was getting old had to be put down and our orange tabby got very sick with a urinary tract blockage and didn't survive anesthesia at the vet.


I'm so sorry for your loss! I know this is late, but I'm bad about checking in! I've lost many pets and it is never easy. I always hate to not have comforting words to people, but to be loved is something most pets never get and you loved Ziggie a lot from the sound of it.

I just wanted to extend my sympathy to you.

Bridgette Hall

I am sorry for your loss. Rest assured that Ziggy is in kitty heaven curled up thinking about you right now....


So sad...we had almost the exact same thing happen to our beloved Decar nearly a year ago, and it still hurts.

Remember the love.


I am truly sorry. As an animal lover myself I know how traumatic something like this can be. People who don't have animals have no idea how attached we, that do, can become to them. I don't even think of my Sassy as a dog - she's one of the family.


I am sorry for your loss. I am a cat person also. I lost a beloved cat back in 1999 that had been with me for 15 years. I had her cremated because I could not let her go, so she is with me in a beautiful urn in her favorite place, the kitchen next to a beautiful picute of her. I am so very sorry. You will have your memories forever.


You gave him a wonderful, happy home - he was lovely too. 1995? Doesn't seem that long ago. *sigh*

kdc (itsallgood8)

Awwww J., so sorry to hear that. I am a little late, Ziggy (what a beautiful cat). hugs!


very sorry to hear of your loss. i am mostly a dog person, but i like cats who like me. since you gave one homeless cat a mommy, maybe sometime soon you could make another lonely kitty happy. remember, there are still so many animals who need good homes.


Hey, we got two new kitties. A 6-month-old orange striped tabby and a 9-month-old grey tabby with some cream speckles. They're very affectionate and fun. Our kids already love them to pieces (well, hopefully not literally). We still miss our last cats, but life does go on.


Yea, I'm late to the wake...

God bless...



Sorry about your loss. I'm not a cat freak in the "cat lady" way, nor do I hate dogs, but I do love cats. Amazing creatures. Solace being that he had a long happy life that he might not have enjoyed had he not met you! :-)

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