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February 07, 2006



ummmmm just curious.......what the hell was Bush thinking when he said he would attend and speak? surely he had some presidential duties to do instead. i bet he was sweaten like a whore in church!


[Isn't Jimmy Carter dead yet... did I think that out loud?]

No, that was you channeling Gerald Ford.

[...like a whore in church!]

Foul. Unfortunate use of simile.

I get your point, but Bush strikes me as the kind of person who is not uncomfortable in a Church, the kind of person who knows how to honor a great woman at her funeral.

By contrast, Bill Clinton stood up and threw Episcopalians under the bus.

No foul there?



I was thinking the same thing about Carter...LOL!

What was Carter's wife thinking while he was spitting that kind of vomit out?
I'd have either walked out of the church or boxed my husband's ears if he started a tirade like that!

Terribly inappropriate!


"i bet he was sweaten like a whore in church!"

Remember the ad nauseum media coverage of Bill and Hill just attending church on a given Sunday? I'll wager Bush goes to church to worship...not for publicity. As for the funeral...I find it disgusting and disrespectful to turn a memorial service honoring a great woman into a political sparring match. Shame on them all, if you ask me. There is little left in our country that is sacred.

Lone Ranger

Bush is the President. If he had not attended, he would have been accused of being an unfeeling racist. I wish he'd brought up the fact that the NAACP was founded by Republicans.

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