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November 13, 2005



While your on the subject of racing take a cyber ride in a Ferrari (through the streets of Paris at up to 135mph).


Dumbo Kurt is getting his taste of karma. This is what happens to spoiled brats when they shit on the person who gave them their big break.

I've started to like Jack Rousch that much more.

Here's a Kurt Busch tidbit that most folks might not know. Usually, the Champion splits up his championship winning paycheck with the rest of his crew. Kurt never shared his ... his crew hates him for it. I'm glad he's leaving .... I've never liked him. Especially since I was a Chad Little fan and I focused my dislike on Kurt for taking over the 97 car.


You seemed to have failed to note the the breath test that was performed on Busch came back well below the leagal limit anywhere. So he in fact was not under the influence. Care to retract?
Got proof of your bogus claim? Not likely.
Let's look at the view from Messers Busch and Kenseth's side shall we?
The 2 people who have given Rousch a championship have gotten the short shrift from Rousch since then. Crappy cars, Horrible engines. Then, the number one ride at Rousch (the 6 car)does not go to either of them!! If you were in they're shoes, what would you do? I would be looking for a ride some freakin where else that is for sure.
Do you really think Rousch would have drop kicked Busch if we was in the top 3 in the Chase? Not bloody likley.
This way neither Nascar or Rousch has to answer questions about the obvious hipocricy of taking money from alchohol manufaturers and turning aorund a preaching about the dangers of drinking. Just plain hypocrisy.



Hypocrisy? Doesn't that lie with Kurt Busch?

He's the one who got off his own message and that of his sponsor and others:

Drink responsibly.

I don't think driving erractically with alcohol on your breath and being an asshole to law enforcement applies.

Now, if you're asking if this would have happened if Busch wasn't such an arrogant ass? Then the answer might be no.

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