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July 30, 2005


Denita TwoDragons

Cali iasn't the only location with its collective tongue up the illegal's behinds--I see it all the time here in Texas, too. Especially around the Austin area, which is a HUGE underground railroad for illegals schlepping into the States. It's sickening to think that my family has to work hard to get a FRACTION of what these freeloaders get for nothing! And worse, it's money coming out of OUR POCKETS!

Generosity is great, but this is government-sanctioned highway robbery, and it MUST STOP!!



And when were we gonna take up (what's left of our) arms?
Time for the minutemen to start some shooting. Starting with the aclu.


It's time for another revolution. The liberals, the ACLU, the unions, the deomocrats -they have got to go.

Steel Turman


'This land is THEIR land'

... we have passed the point of solution in this ... might as well learn Spanish now...

'Esta tierra es SU tierra'

Loses something in the translation que no?


I'm so sick of these "hard working, law abiding undocumented workers" coming around and sucking welfare dollars while breaking the law. It's time to shoot the a=wipes here who made it all possible!


Perfect solution to anchor babies: tie them around their mothers' necks and drop in the ocean!


The greed of business owners is fueling the lack of defense of our nation from invasion. Republicans=Business, and that seems why the president sees nothing, hears nothing, and the Hispanic vote is getting significant, so the prez DOES nothing. There has to be a way to make consequences for all involved. Mexican-Americans must not attach to Mexican-Mexicans, and should instead cling to American-Americans, because they are going to have to pay too.


Steel Truman:

The people who made this cituation possible is us. By allowing our elected representatives to ignore the situation and not do anything about we have collectively made this a reality. Until we stand with one voice and not be cowed by the chants of rascist or xenophobe nothing is going to be done until it reaches the point of armed revolt against the invaders. The main problem is not our representatives it is us!!


The problem is, the majority of representatives that we elected to represent us are not doing so.

Doggy Diaries

I guess my comment on one of your later posts about illegal alien children being stranded would have been more appropriate on this post.

Damn, all I can say is WTF?!? I work my arse off to get ahead in this world, but really, all I needed to do was become an illegal alien and have all my needs provided for by the taxpayers. Talk about America the great. I guess it's a greater country for illegal aliens than it is for citizens.

Anyone else know of a sane country in ths world where bullsh*t, kindergarten antics like this don't go on? Maybe those of us who are sane should go in search of the "new world" if it's getting to the point where the only people in this country who seem to have any rights are the illegals. I hear we might be able to inhabit Mars one day ...

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