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January 29, 2005



The new design is okay. I might have liked the old one better or it may just be taking me a while to get used to the new.
You could have a design consisting of black type on blank white, I'd still drop in every day or so to see the content.

Tony Rosen

I like everything ... except the image up top ... it's too light, in my useless opinion ... but, you know that I Am Always Right :)


very nice. I'm diggin it.


First of all Congrats on your photoshop work.

New look is easy to look at and a change is as good as a holiday they say.
One thing though, I miss the caratuture of you top left. Taking it away has taken away some of your personality (which we all love) from your blog.

How about placeing right back where it belongs above the Consume this top left.

Rachel Ann

I like, a lot! Very clean, easy to read, and I think draws one's attention to the words rather than the images, which is the important part of the blog, right? The image attracts, then fades to the background so one can enjoy the message. The only change I might make is to make the text words a smidge darker; not black, just a bit darker.

Steel Turman

I like it a lot, but I favor what Tony said. And us old people have a mighty hard time with the teeny font size of the links.
But don't change it.


Thanks Kilabe!

Peter, I don't think you were used to it in the moments after it went up. Let me know how ya feel after a few more visits.

Tony, for now your overruled, but thank you for playing.

Wombat, photo might be back, perhaps B&W this time around, but that other one had to go.

Rachel Ann, I did make the font a bit darker, you were right, it was too light. Is this better?

Steel, one more reason everyone should be using Firefox, so they can control their own text size just by pressing ctrl + on any individual page.

Moze, where ya at?

Joe Greenlight

I like the layout, very clean. The image on top is well designed, but might be a little large. Something narrower, perhaps?

Must be something in the air, as I've been contemplating a redesign myself.


[Moze, where ya at?]

Tyring to keep up with my son and his ski team...

I like it, too, and I second Wombat's observation that your photo (artistically manipulated) needs to be blended into the layout or masthead. I like the idea of a grey-scale image.

From a typographical standpoint, I have always found black on white easiest to read (and yes, I know there have been *many* studies to the contrary), but the kicker to me is that black on white is frill-less. It says, "I don't need flourish to make my point." I find that fitting.

I say, keep it and grow it.



I have to put my vote in w/ the wombat............. will miss the picture of the tall glass. But the new picture is cool. I like the way the font is done on the 'Drink this' part.

Off the subject, but I had to throw it in........... SO ready to haer some Nascar thunder.


As one of your best and most honest friends, I don't really like this. But it won't stop me from reading...


[I say, keep it and grow it.]

Indeed I will. (Already got a little a little modified ready to go for Valentine's Day and really gotta get something going on for Auralize this... cause now that Drink this... and Answer this... have come out satisfactorily or better, I really need something better for this...

[SO ready to haer some Nascar thunder.]

Uh, you know I second that! Good thing I got around to this redesign now cause I'll have a one track mind {heh} in a few days. Already started to see NASCAR Fever hit the small screen with all the specials and such. So far think I got tix to Fontanta, Vegas and Phoenix this year. Although I have an event down here Vegas weekend so I don't know if I'll be able to make it to Kurt Busch's hometown. Maybe it's just as well.

[As one of your best and most honest friends, I don't really like this.]

Ehhhhhhhhhh, whatever. Who asked you. Have you liked any of the designs--or non designs as the case may be? No. And you got used used to all of them and you still can't stay away.

[But it won't stop me from reading...]

I know this... Having the worst design disaster hasn't stopped you from reading the best page in the universe. Of course, Maddox does have that humor thing going for him. But I still manage to make you laugh and I'm quite content with this...

Of course I need you to stay the hell away from the next post so you don't find out I'm not pulling for the Pats next week. Even so, I have confidence that within 7 days, you will also get over this...

Tony Rosen

Heh . TGoM, you'll remember that I said it was my useless opinion .... :) ... nobody ever listens to my advice, why should you be different :)


Looks good to me. I always get a bit worried when people tell me they're changing things - I'm afraid it will be to some typeset I have trouble reading... In this case it looks great - the artsy part of any blog is a bonus (or detraction depending on the blog) but if I can easily read it, then I'm happy. Good work. *grin*


Touchy today, aren't we?

As for not rooting for my team, which will win yet again, that's cool. Philly needs all the help they can get.

And I hate NASCAR... So we're even.



We likes it.


I like this, but then I liked the old one also. Miss the picture of you but the new picture is nice. Everything is easy to read. Good job.


I like it, it comes off very classy. Great Job on everything, by the way the ad with the red wine......VERY HOTT!

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