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December 13, 2004





Is there anything other than that one ballot proposition (187?), that shows Californians would actually vote in favor of immigration reform?


How can Californians even know if we need reform until we find out if our current system works? All we know now is that not following our current system is having disastrous effects.


Kevin Murphy

Ummm ... those "US Born siblings" are no less US citizens than yourself.


Ummmm... except that they were begotten from illegal immigrants, not legal citizens.

Michael Williams

Thanks for the link!


Proposition 187 actually still exists. It was put on an indefinite suspension due to a preliminary injunction filed 34 days after its passing. The injunction was put in place due to a class action suit questioning it's Constitutionality.

Not to hijack TGOM's entry, but for further information on prop. 187 and prop. 200 you can see my entry from my Nov 19 entitled "California Looking At It's Own Proposition Restricting Illegal Aliens From Services"

In 1994, Proposition 187 was passed with a fifty-nine percent approval rating and went into effect on November 9, 1994. ... A preliminary injunction was approved against Proposition 187 on December 14, 1994 -- just 34 days after the people spoke. The preliminary injunction is still in force.

Oh and just because it came to my head while reading this and pissed me the hell off, screw that movie A Day Without a Mexican. Just remember that for every illegal alien thrown out of the country, that's one more job an employer will have to hire a LEGAL worker to do, whether it's a LEGAL immigrant or a LEGAL Citizen.


California can try and bill us all they want. I don't think we owe them a dime. More like they owe us for the damage they've caused our country with all the lunatics they let escape from Berkely, S.F., and L.A.

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