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November 20, 2004



There is but one blog... And there's no mistaking exactly what it is that stands 'Drink this...' out, awards or not. Keep writing, tgom... I'll keep reading.



Sounds fun! I nominated my friend Amy as well.

Wayne Hurlbert

Awards or no awards, Drink This... is a great blog.

That said, if Drink This... is not nominated yet, let me know the category you prefer, and I'll nominate you myself.


I nominated Drink this... for the following:

Best overall blog
Best conservative blog
Best media/journalist blog
Best blog design
Best essayist (for Memorializing this...)



Thank you Moze--Alski and Trey as well--for the Drink this... nominations.

Of course your humble tallglassofmilk thinks y'all might be gettin' carried away but is quite honored to be nominated along with my esteemed fellow bloggers.

Thanks for reading and for your support!

I haven't even made all of my own picks but have nom'd The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler for Top 100 and Michelle Malkin for Best Conservative.



With all due respect, it's time you park the humility. Drink this... is not a meek voice in the blog world.

I appreciate your personal stance in this (frankly I'd be surprised by anything different), but I measure this horse in hands... In at least two categories, my nomination was a second...

I too read (and give a nod to) Michelle prior to nominating Drink this... in the 'Best Conservative' category (and I nominated the Rottweiler for best "Group" blog (yes, I admit, it's more than just a satisfying read, it's cathartic...))

I read Drink this... daily because I know no award will change what you say or how you say it.


Wayne Hurlbert

Now that Drink This... is properly nominated, it's important for us to get the vote out. Be sure to remind your readers to vote for Drink This... in the voting categories.

Get those posts ready, and get some much deserved awards for TGOM!


I have an admission to make.

I'd like to blame it on dyslexia, or on the early stages of adult on-set blindness, but I've not been diagnosed with either condition...

I've been reading nicedoggie.net for several months now, and I just realized the Rottweiler's blog title does not employ the term "Anti-Idolatarian." (To make matters worse, 'Idolatarian' appears not to be a word...)

Then again, tgom has asked more than once whether I actually read her blog...



[Then again, tgom has asked more than once whether I actually read her blog...]

I think they call this condition unobservant. Although that hardly applies in your case, so I believe it can only be explained by this...

One's eyes see (or not) what they want (or not).

Question is this...

How much more do you appreciate the Rottweiler's Empire now that, well you know, now that you've caught up with the rest of us?

2nd question is this...

Is one born dyslexic or does one become dyslexic? I have had noticable dyslexic tendencies of late.


[How much more do you appreciate the Rottweiler's Empire now...?]

I like the honesty... The truth in advertising.

Why would imposing my made up term on the Empire's blog title seem agreeable for so long?

Probably because I derived my made-up term from idolatry, an excessive devotion to something, i.e., a political party. 'Anti-Idolatarian' suggests opposition to partisanship. It then becomes a question of what flavor of partisanship the Empire opposes.

'Anti-Idiotarian' removes all ambiguity, leaving no question about the side of the political fence on which the Empire stands.

I don't feel badly about this. After all, the Empire's title, say nothing of the blog, routinely employs some rather creative term invention.



Wizbang has closed most of the nomination categories (*Best Middle East or Africa Blog*, *Best Latino, Caribbean, or South American Blog*, and *Best Military Blog* remain open for the time being).

Stay tuned to Wizbang for a "detailed post about what to expect in the next few days." Whether this means the finalist cuts will be revealed is anyone's guess. Keep your fingers crossed for the Tall One.

Voting commences December 1. As they say in my party, "Vote early and vote often."


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