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November 30, 2004


tim jansing

Each year between 20,000 and 30,000 human children starve to death. That's about one per breath I take in an average day.
Not pestilence.
Not collateral damage in a war.
Not beat to death by abusive adults.
Plain 'ol starve to death.

I would rather use the available money to slaughter and ship the available food sources to the areas where they could possibly save a few kids. Dog meat is not at all bad, I think. I've had it overseas where it is socially acceptable. The members of the historic Lewis & Clark expedition (1804) considered dog meat a treat. In many countries monkey, cat, and rat can be purchased at the local markets.

What's worse?

Bon appetite! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


I'm disappointed in the Dallas numbers (I voted) but then again, Dallas is a pretty apathetic city anyway.


Tim, you...think differently.. don't you.

Interesting program. Makes a very good point as well. There need to be a number of changes in how we deal with strays, but unfortunately they involve a large number of changes tht have to take place at the same time, so it likely won't happen.

The biggest thing would be to impliment a method that would quickly identify a dog or cat as a stray/ferile. Have an ID thing injected into them or whatever. Once this is done, it would allow the animal control people to determine within minutes that the pet is owned, and who owns it. Beyond that, though I really do not like the idea, if they do not bear ownership, they can put them to sleep. :(
The best way to impliment that would be to make the ID chip and injection free, or a dollar or something like that. That way when someones pet has kittens, they are not given any excuses to not go and get the ID's on the newborns (or however old they need to be before they can do that.)


Each year between 20,000 and 30,000 human children starve to death. That's about one per breath I take in an average day.

Got to say I agree I would sooner see the money spent to look after a Stray child.

As for eating the dogs and cats.. erm no thanks, the countries that do eat those types of animals are usually disease ridden so that has to tell ya something.

Anyway back to T.C.G.O.M’s point which I think is the problem of strays being put down right?
What happens in Australia is that all dogs and cats Must be registered.
Reg fee for sterilized pet is $15.00 where as Reg fee for un sterilized pet is $385.00 So that is an incentive to give the family pet the snip eh.
The reg fees are used to subsidize sterilization.
Now this is not a fool proof system there is always some fool willing to risk the $1000.00 fine for owning an unregistered dog or cat but it could work over there I think.
Maybe you could suggest it to a lobby group or something.

Huh what’s that? O yeah I see ya picked up on the t.C.g.o.m well, a Tall COOL Glass Of Milk sounds like a good idea right now….it’s 38 deg Celsius here at the moment with 82 % humidity…..hot hot hot

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