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October 26, 2004



This is a completely expected continuation of a long list of gaffes, blunders, flip flops, out and out lies and misrepresentations.

This "Big October Surprise" whithered and died like the autumn leaves falling off the trees.

The reports have come out that show that the 380 or so tons of high explosive was already gone BEFORE the US invaded Husseins territory.

The UN was supposed to be keeping an eye on it but the HE mysteriously disappeared. Now, Kerry wants to go back and trust these terrorist enablers with more responsibility. The UN can't control these rogue countries, they are in the back pockets of most of them anyway.

Kerry and Edwards, like their hapless robotic followers, will continue to chortle about this non issue and point more fingers and try to blame Bush and our wonderful Military for screwing this up. Guess what, there was no screw up.

This pile of shit from the dems is getting so high it's making my eyes water. sniff.


Breaking News. They're now blaming Bush for the sinking of the Titanic. His withdrawal from the Kyoto Treaty resulted in global warming, which caused the Earth to propell itself into a very brief Ice Age. That's right. Bush is to blame for Rose and Jack's terrible separation. Impeach Bush!

Steel Turman

Did I ever tell you that I like burnt toast?

I am talking about WELL DONE to a CINDER and
just shy of being charcoal toast.

I KNOW when it's 'toast'. I can smell the

Kedwards is a'smokin' something fierce.

They be DONE.

I just hope I'll be assured of that come


At this point I'm awaiting more evidence to sway me on the timeline - I find it more likely that these munitions disappeared with the general chaos after the US arrival, especially since Al Qa Qaa was not secured until May 27, 2003.

Remember, we thought there were WMDs and we had bigger fish to fry, of the chemical weapon + scud type. That was the big worry, and this HE isn't exactly a terrorist's dream. It's incredibly difficult to use, at least the HMX, and the difficulty in preprocessing and detonation outweighs the bang-per-gram benefit for third world uses.

[The UN was supposed to be keeping an eye on it but the HE mysteriously disappeared.]
The UN (or in this case, the IAEA) was keeping an eye on it, and reported these areas as secure through March, 2003. On the 25th of this month, Scott McClellan stated that these explosives disappeared after April 9, 2003.



The UN (or in this case, the IAEA) was keeping an eye on it, and reported these areas as secure through March, 2003.

You're splitting hairs here, the IAEA is a watchdog within the UN. Once the UN gets the information they don't do anything about it other than write up some sanctions or some other paperwork penalty. It's no deterrant to rogue nations that want to get their hands on weapons.

I'm not too concerned about the timeline here. You're correct that the Military had their sights set on bigger fish and besides, Hussein had so many ammo dumps all over Iraq and this was just a small percentage and it got out, nothing unexpected here. If we had'nt invaded his territory he would still have this and so much more.

No, this is just more dust kicked up by media outlets like the NYT etc for Kerry to us on his stump speeches. Look and listen to Kerry running with this non-issue story. Foaming at the mouth like a rabid moose as he shouts out so much bullshit, he's actually becoming quite funny.

A story I'm looking at is the video that ABC reportedly has of an attack threat on America.



The mainstream media has been snowing us for a long time. This is nothing new. The only thing new is their inability to keep it quiet. Their bias is popping out all over.

I can't believe 50% of America is even entertaining the idea of voting for this phony. Kerry will lose by a larger than expected margin.

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