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October 26, 2004



Holy SHIT!

This veteran's family member (see my sidebar: talk about supporting the troops!) has NEVER liked Kerry. But this? Smoking Gun, indeed.

Help is on the way? With what, a knife poised to plunge into your back in the other hand?

Tim Jansing

I'm not surprised at all. This guy should've been up on sedition charges long ago.
The supplied links only show U.S. translations of the captured VC docs. Anybody know where to get copies of the originals in Vietnamese? After Rathergate it might be worthwhile to check the English translation for accuracy.


i can't fathom hanoi john kerry's deceptions .there is so much dirt on him yet he continues to lie to the american people on a daily basis.i'm glad i was able to vote to re-elect President Bush when i was home on r&r.our country and our brave men and women in uniform don't deserve a sneaking charlatan like kerry!


Interesting that your commentary shows your unsubtle bias with your use of such '50s rhetoric as "commies" and you follow that fine Bush-ist principle of "Guilty until proven innocent".
Oh, yes, by the way, you lost Vietnam - is that why you're feeling sore? Things feeling a bit too close with the way you're losing in Iraq? ( as we on the ground can plainly see, although the US government of course claims otherwise)


[Interesting that your commentary shows your unsubtle bias with your use of such '50s rhetoric as "commies"]

Subtle? Most Drink this... readers might argue there's nothing subtle about my bias.

[Oh, yes, by the way, you lost Vietnam]

No kidding? Gee, where've I been? That was no thanks to JFK2 by the way.

[is that why you're feeling sore?]

Not at all. I'm sore about the fact that John Kerry's becoming the president of the US is the most dangerous thing that could happen to the free world, the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge it and countless people remain ignorant to his commie ways.


Weren't the North Vietnamese Communists? What's wrong with referring to them as "commies." Nit picking Dems.

It must really be a bummer to be a Democrat. Everything is doom and gloom and everyone is miserable and jobless and sick. If I viewed the world that way, I'd be ornery and irrational all the time too!

Also, how can you distrust the government to tell us the truth about things, yet your answer to every ill to befall man IS government? Well, I suppose you'll say that it's Mr. Bush's government that you don't trust.


After mulling it over today, I came up with this:



Isn't Jerome Corsi one of the co-authors of Unfit for Command? I don't know whether that fact would make the story more or less credible, but it may account for it's lack of pick-up in the MSM.


Lots of opinions, but no owner. Imagine that. Comment removed by tgom.


Lots more opinions, but no valid owner of them. Comment removed by tgom.

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