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October 19, 2004



Man spread the word on this like wildfire!!!!
this should have been used as a full frontal attack on kerry as soon as he opened his mouth about his service to his country!
this is the sort of thing that can sway the swinging voters at the last min.

Tim Jansing

Maybe this IS the October surprise!

Scary John Kerry, go take a long walk on a short pier.


Beldar's analysis of Lipscomb's NY Sun article is rich. It takes a long time to read and digest, but it is well worth your time. Lipscomb and Beldar confirm a long-held hunch of mine.

Would a less-than-honorable discharge shift voter support away from candidate Kerry? Absolutely. Especially at a time of war.

This is why Kerry will not sign Form 180.



There are two ways a board of officers would be involved, either seperating a service member involuntarily as in a reduction in force (RIF) or to upgrade a less than honorable discharge. It strains credulity to imagine that The Hee-row would have been riffed in '78. His normal one-hitch commitment was up in 1972, he would have had to ship over (reenlist) and after that 'testimony' in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committe in '71, much less his meeting with both VC and DRV (North Viet Nam) officials during the Paris peace talks there is no possible way the Navy would've accepted him for another hitch. Period. I would be crowned Miss Nude Universe before that would have happened. By '72 the war was winding down, the Services were shrinking and they were accepting fewer reenlistments.
There is one explanation for his term of enlistment to have been extended, though, I'll get to it a bit further down.
It's been a lot of years since I wore Uncle's suit, forgive my poor memory of specific details of the UCMJ. I do not believe that The Hee-row got a Dishonorable Discharge, although that would certainly explain the fact that his medal certificates had to be reissued. A DD can only come as part of the sentence from a trial by Court Martial, I can visualise no scenario in which such a trial could be kept secret, they're official, public proceedings. The Hee-row would have been a martyr right up there with Daniel Ellsberg in the pantheon of Leftists saints persecuted by the Evil Nixon. On the other hand, he could have been offered a choice between a General Court Martial with the option of a couple of decades in Portsmouth Naval Penitentiary, since closed and the prisoners moved to Leavenworth, or a very quiet Summary Court Martial with a confidentiality agreement as part of a plea bargain and a Bad Conduct Discharge as punishment. A Big Chicken Dinner doesn't carry the baggage of a Didhonorable, there's no loss of the right to run for office or own a gun, that sort of thing.
This is one of the more likely scenarios as is a simple Administrative Discharge, say an Unsuitability Discharge like they give to bed wetters and hysterics when they find them in recruit training.
Another possible scenario is that the Naval Criminal Investigation people had his discharge held up while they investigated grounds for trial at Court Martial. This may well be the most likely scenario, when I was in the NCID (called NCIS, now) had the power to hold up a discharge or a seperation from active service. They were notoriously closed mouthed, too. While in the limbo of not on any kind of active duty or organised Reserve status, The Hee-row could have been held in the reserves, a simple order to active duty could have put him in front of a court martial.
When the Nixon Administration went into the toilet, nobody knew if Ford would have the political power and will to follow through an a high profile court martial and the inevitable series of appeals so that investigation probably was put on the back burner, then along came Carter. HIS first act, before his second cup of coffee almost, was to forgive the draft dodgers, deserters, dopers and ne'er do wells of the Viet Nam era. So NCIS closed it's files, a board of officers, at Carter's direction, gave The Hee-row his discharge and here we are.
So, either the Navy gave him a less than honorable discharge in '72 and he got it upgraded or he was held in the inactive reserves so that they could call him to active service to stand before a court martial, probably for those 'war crimes' he confesed to in front of the Fulbright Committee.
Those are the only two scenarios that make sense. No wonder he won't sign the 180.
Sorry this is so long.

J Murphy

I sent this to Michelle Malkin earlier.

Hunting Geese in the Midwest is like hunting pigeons in Times Square. Please, somebody, shoot those bastards before they overcome us with their own shit. Hunting Geese is not a sport. I know urban and suburban places where I can walk up to a gaggle of geese and grab one by the neck, throttle it, and take it home for dinner. Not that I would do that, because I have never seen a wild creature, fish or fowl, with USDA stamp on its ass.

Here is a good question: “Hey John Kerry, are you going to take that goose home, throw it on the table and say to Tayreesa “fix me some grub?” No, I don’t think so. He killed the goose for the sake of a photo op with no intention of consuming it.

If you hunt and fish as part of your heritage, or upbringing, and respect the game that you hunt and fish for, and you consume your bounty to recognize your way of life, or to celebrate your culture, then you are noble. If you hunt and fish for the sake of proving your manhood or to present a photo op to the people of the Midwest, you are ignoble.

John Kerry, I have some questions. I know that you won’t answer them because you don’t have the spine or you choose to ignore anything that would scrutinize your record as a human being.

My questions are:

1. John Kerry, you shot a, wounded, Vietnamese teenager in the back and killed him. Maybe he wanted to surrender. Did you ever think of that?
2. Why didn’t you spare his Life?
3. Why didn’t you give him a chance to surrender?
4. Was he scared?
5. Do you think that he wanted to live when you shot him in the back?
6. Did you ever take a prisoner?
7. Why don’t you sign form 180?
8. Why didn’t you get your Navy Discharge on your separation date?
9. Why did you get your discharge when Jimmy Carter was in the Whitehouse?
10. Did Jimmy Carter offer you amnesty for an “Other Than Honorable” discharge?

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