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October 05, 2004



Gee, what would happen if he said the F word? It's NASCAR officials wanting to maintain a clean image so as not to lose sponsers and viewers. Fine him money if they want but points that he earned, that's wrong. Fuck Shit Piss Damn... it's good not be famous.


It's clear how the tall one feels about Dale Jr. I'm still waiting for the proposition to spill out *his* mouth...

I wonder if I'll get an invite...



Johnny-they already fined and penalized another driver for the same thing on radio earlier in the season. There would be nothing but outcry if they didn't do the same to Junior. But damn if it doesn't suck.

[It's clear how the tall one feels about Dale Jr. ]

Is it really that obvious?

[I'm still waiting for the proposition to spill out *his* mouth...]

Like I always say, a girl can dream, can't she? And it really helps when others dream with her. *:o)


What annoys the... dickens (since NASCAR neo-Victorian nannies might hunt me down and run me over for saying what we all know I was going to say) is the labeling of a perfectly good word as a "curse" word. I shudder to think what NASCAR neo-Victorian nannies might do to some poor folks (the Shatwells) who were once my neighbors who were named after an ancestor's good bowell movements.

Of course, that would mean a seismic shift in NASCAR neo-Victorian nannies' ability to understand and parse English...

Joe Greenlight

NASCAR can fine him all they want, but to deduct points from him is just flat wrong. Junior dropping an "s-bomb" had nothing to do with the race or the points championship itself. It was an off-track matter, and NASCAR has now made it an on-track issue by deducting points. If Dale loses the title by less than 25 points, whoever wins will have an asterisk by their name. Not a good way to end the first ever Chase, whose format was already under enough scrutiny.


While it is sometimes pretty annoying to live in current Germany, this is just one more time that I am happy living here. Here our stars can pubicly swear and curse if the feel like, show their naked bodies if the feel like and more. O.k., we can not carry guns, but I trade that for nude bathing on my favourite lake close by anytime......... And remember: it was the famous German poet Wolfgang Goethe who used this line in his drama "Goetz von Berlichingen": "But you can tell him, he can lick my arse!" Its art, people, real classic! Just say you are quoting Goethe!

Cheerio from fucking good old Germany


Holy Shit batman!
i would like to see someone try that sort of shit in Australia...chuckles "yeah right wanker" would be the response
I think that may be against the US constituition right?? I mean "FREE SPEACH" someone should chalange the fine as sensorship of free thought and speach.

Jim Bob

So here I am, explaining the Dale Jr. "shit" situation to my buddy as we're watching Monday Night Football. While I'm 'splainin, ABC is running a promo for a program called "Desparate Housewives" with all kinds of suggestive clips. We just sat there and laughed at the irony of it all.


[NASCAR can fine him all they want, but to deduct points from him is just flat wrong.]

Them's the rules. He knew it and he blew it. I can stomp my feet and cry all I want but won't change the facts.

I applaud NASCAR for all they do to keep their sport clean and I also understand the main reason they do it is to avoid fines from the FCC.

NBC implements a 5-sec delay starting Sunday...

Staice Newstead

i love dale jr so what if he cursed who doesnt?


its just a bunch a tree-huggin' hippie lovin' BULL SHIT if you ask me i think nascar was out of their damn minds to go and do something like that!!! Kiss MY ASS Tree Fairies!

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