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October 25, 2004



I actually do have some advice. A crime has been committed, report it. Report it twice. In my home state the local agency handling such crime is the County Sheriff's Office. Since your vote is a basic civil right then an attempt to disenfranchise you is also a federal beef, you should report this to the Feebs. If the pretty boys of the FBI are true to form they'll let the locals solve the crime and swoop in at the last minute to take the credit.
Do so in writing and make copies, three sets of copies of everything. Send a copy to your Republican County Headquarters, keep a copy for yourself and, silly as it sounds, a copy to the local office of the ACLU. Heck, make two more copies and send one to the LA Daily News and another to the LA Times.


I don't really have any advice, I just wanted to say that I cannot believe that someone would do that. What kind of loser tries to vote as someone else? Not to scare you or anything, but did you report it to the police? I would be worried about what else they were trying to do while pretending to be you.


since it's a federal election, the FBI has the jurisdiction. go to them right off the bat.

next, consider if you have the resources hiring a PI. whoever did it probably did it to vote fraudulently, so you might be able to track them down on your own and catch them on election day trying to vote.

NO, I am not saying catch them yourself. But if your PI can find them and tail them, then a call to the cops can mean people in black suits waiting with handcuffs at the polling station.

A PI actually might have a good chance at cracking it, and since the feds are pretty busy going after higher profile criminals like home and garden mavens from Food TV, is more likely to actually find the perp before election day.

How would a PI start? Well, registered voters are listed all over the place, so that political campaigns, fund raisers, and lobbying groups can call you up and harass you for votes and money. I'd say start there. Find out how many times your name appears on voter registry lists, then check addresses. My guess would be that, in order to ensure that the perp is able to receive absentee ballots, a real address was used somewhere to get a ballot with your name on it.

Just a thought.

Hey, if you like the PI idea but can't afford it, how about a blog campaign to raise the funds? I'd kick in $5.


How do you know there was fraud involved as opposed to someone who simply as the same name as you do?


They are using my signature.


My wife is the clerk for a real small town in Colorado. Two years ago, the town held an election. Mind you, in recent elections, there have been no more than 60 or so voters registered to vote in the town.

I say this because my wife discovered voter fraud in the election. Given the number of voters, this wasn't exactly like finding a needle in a haystack. Seems a couple from a very large southern state decided to register and vote in both places.

Voter fraud is a Felony. My wife turned the case over to the DA, but when push came to shove, the offenders managed to avoid the obvious crap storm that constitutes criminal prosecution. I don't know all the details.

It's one thing to detect voter fraud. It is entirely another to be "duplicated" by another person for voting purposes. Forget about the fact this person likely has political views diametrically opposed to your own. This is not merely voter fraud, it is identity theft.

Don’t kid yourself. Because you blog and this phlegm wad can read, he/she/it singled you out.

You mention an alternate address, and that you have never lived there, so I presume you have seen the address. Have you tried to find out anything about the address at which this person registered as you? Is the address a residence, and if so, who lives there? Is the address in the County in which you actually reside? There is probably no physical connection between the address and the perpetrator, but there is likely a reason why he/she/it chose that address, just as surely as there is a reason why he/she/it registered you as Democrat.

Don’t let this slide. In the saying “One [woman], one vote” there is no qualifying clause that subjugates conservatives.




Note the last clause of the second paragraph - if the signature matches, it's not an innocent duplication.


We are researching the address. In fact I even drove by it today and can tell you that I only wished I lived there... a big fat house on the valley side of the Hollywood Hills.

There are several names attached to the address in a simple public records search.

My name comes up on some with no other info about me. But if you were to search my name, generally you get all my past residences and this one is not included. When my name does appear with this address, there is no additional information on me attached.

It's more than bizarre. More details as I get them. For sure I am NOT going to let this slide unless of course waiting the several days for a copy of this affidavit kills me.


[When my name does appear with this address, there is no additional information on me attached.]

Sounds like you are way ahead of me on the address angle. This lends credence to my gut feeling that you have been singled out.

I'd start by researching the individuals associated with the address without bias. It's just a hunch, but I don't think your perpatrator has a direct connection with that address. The perpetrator thinks this address is a safe way to hide his/her/its identity. Why does the perpetrator think this address is a Red Hearing?



The person that registered you was probably just one of your liberal friends trying to do you a favor. I wouldn't get too upset about it.


[Red Hearing]

Did somebody open up a can of anchovie paste? Oh, sorry, that's me spelling "Herring."



Matt reveals typical liberal attitudes towards voter fraud. Pretend it was some right-wingers getting a few votes at the expense of some lefties, and Lawrence Tribe would be arguing violation of the due process clause to the Supreme Court. Oh wait, you don't have to pretend. They did that crap trying to steal votes in Florida.


Not the case at all. I was just kidding, honestly. I guess I just find it hard to believe that a fellow democrat would do such a thing, so it's hard to take it seriously. It's altogether more devious than I give us credit for. I think it's probably a fluke.


[liberal friends trying to do you a favor...]

Matt, by placing a transparent oxymoron next to an unapologetic spin on the malice of fraud, you give new meaning to the term "air-bag deployment."



That was harsh. Harsh and uncalled for. I didn't come out looking for trouble. Just presenting my own slightly different point of view. Hope that's okay. This is an American website, right?


Peter is giving the best advice here. Voter registration--even for a federal election--is a state matter. The state makes and enforces rules concerning voting. The county and state law enforcement offices--from the DA downwards--should be papered. Definitely send copies to our Republican group, but send it to the Democratic group, too--let a few beads of sweat bother their composure.

Certainly contact every single media outlet in your county, from the local paper to the alternative paper to the local TV and radio shows. If there's a talk-radio show, get on it.

Spending your time publicizing what was done to you will at least give some others the chance to check on their own situation.

Do contact the FBI, too, though. While no apparent attempt at further identity theft has been made--yet--this is an unambiguous first step.

But don't mix the two messages: keep voter registration fraud separate from identity theft. The Media don't like multi-threaded stories. Keep it simple for them, as well as for their audiences.


Matt, with all due respect, you're the one who marched in here with the suggestion that tgom shouldn't be too upset about someone trying to usurp her vote.

Your justification is, apparently, that tgom's thinking is wrong, so anything you do to correct her is not only OK, she should heed it and be grateful.

This is not a "slightly different view point," it is precisely the view point necessary to justify voter fraud.

Harsh? I think you're the pot calling the kettle black.



ya see, Matt, if you were just some random guy making a little jokee, no one would have given it much thought. but when I clicked on your website and found it is called "votersagainstbush" it changes from a joke to what has the image of a snide partisan smear. maybe you really were trying to be funny, but there is no way to tell things like "tone of voice" or "facial expression" in a comments post. point being, if a person like me, whose blog is clearly partisan for Bush, showed up in the comments of a leftist blog, making a comment that poked fun at a liberal's identity theft for voter fraud, I'd end up with 100 obscene comments to delete because the folks on your side respond to humor with ad hominem attacks.

so maybe you are just trying to be funny. well news flash: it didn't work. if you are sincere, you can retreat gracefully, say something positive, and no one will hold it against you.


FYI, it's not my blog, it's a friend's, but I contribute to it occasionally.

I assure you that I was smiling as I typed and only meant it in jest. If someone is trying to steal a vote or multiply it somehow, then of course you should seek out remedies with the appropriate authorities.

Like I said, I guess I just find it hard to believe. I happen to think that Kerry's in a great position to win fair and square. It would be a total shame if some nutcase were to try and steal a vote and shame all of us.

I'm not trying to justify voter fraud. Just saying that I'm sure it's probably just a mistake or a prank of something.


If you haven't already, make sure you fill out the "Election Complaint Form" which is available through the CA Secretary of States website. You will be filling out the section related to "altering registration information." Your violation is a State venue, and therefore, you don't need to file an affidavit. However, if you would like to get creative, you could report a crime relative to indentity theft (Penal Code 530.5 to 530.7). Although I'm not really up to speed in California, I think Identity Theft can either be a Mis, or a Class D Felony depending on the circumstances and the prosecutor.

In the interim, I would contact the Election Bureau, and identify a specific individual employed at the polling place of the new address. Provide the information necessary for them to flag the name.

At the very least, you can give them that address so they can cross reference it to see how many other names are registered under the same address...Don't depend on the folks you talked to today to do it...they have enough to do and will probably 86 it...

Election Fraud Complaint form link

Best of luck...


[I happen to think that Kerry's in a great position to win fair and square. It would be a total shame if some nutcase were to try and steal a vote and shame all of us.]

I made the point earlier that while voter fraud is a Felony, justice tends to turn a blind eye.

You're right. There is shame in voter fraud. But that shame is a whole lot more tolerable if you don't have to spend time in the pokey...

You're wrong that the Goose Hunter can win fair and square. Kerry can't win without a fraud.

The wheels on the Kerry bandwagon were already wobbling last week when Tereza took a swipe at The First Lady and missed. Look for the Kerry bandwagon to be draggin' axel soon.

Americans will vote National Security first. This is why George W. Bush will be re-elected.



Try 1-800-345-VOTE.

Don't spend another minute trying to track the cheat down until you know someone has done something about it.

I put up a story yesterday about a friend who witnessed blatant fraud...rather than assuming someone else had already complained, she called her local Bush-Cheney HQ and the state (FL) B-C HQ.
They got ON it immediately, and action was taken by the end of the day.
(I don't mean to link-whore, but details are HERE).

Hell, if you have to, call The Govinator!


If the voters vote National Security first, then John Kerry has nothing to worry about. After all, he didn't get caught napping while terrorists pulled off the first foreign attack on American soil in fifty years. Bush has a record of failing to protect us from terrorism. At least Clinton actually prevented the millenium bombing. Bush's credibility on this issue is wildly overrated.

Kerry is in a great position to win, and the left is energized in a way that I've never seen before. Gore made up something like four points on Election Day 2004. Kerry could make up more from the energy that I see.

I wouldn't make any bold predictions at this point, either way. All I'm saying is that Kerry is in a great position to win. Better bring the A game, R's, because there is a gang of previous non-voters that really disagrees with the President's policies and can't wait to do something about it.


[he didn't get caught napping while terrorists pulled off the first foreign attack on American soil in fifty years.]

Matt, apparently you aren't familiar with Senator Kerry's record on the Senate Select Intelligence Committee. Please do some research on this...

Oh, and didn't your mama teach you this...?


I will certainly look into John Kerry's voting record on the Senate Select Intelligence Committee. Perhaps you would do well to read the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, and the 9/11 Commission Report.

And no, my mama didn't teach me any nonsense about military cuts by John Kerry when George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton were President. Downsizing was natural in the 90's. The threat of the Soviet Union was gone. The Gulf War was over before it started. Why not cut defense?

It wasn't the smaller military that ignored intelligence suggesting an impending terrorist threat, and it wasn't John Kerry who sat and read "My Pet Goat" and took an elevated tour of the heartland while his people burned.

I think Kerry will do a fine job, and I can't imagine how he could do much worse. At least he won't try to shift attention from one enemy to another and justify it with, "They are similar colors and worship the same God. I think they might have met in Prague."

George Bush is a disaster, and you can have him, just let us get him out of the White House first.

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