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August 22, 2004



It's truly difficult to view the slaughter of a human being. I doubt I will ever get used to seeing such inhumanity. May the day when such barbarism has been excized from this world come soon.

My consolences to the Nepalese people and the parents of today's victims.

Sincere Regards,


i am a muslim and my condolences to the nepalese hostages may they rest in peace. and i hope moonman does conduct the killing of muslims so they can go to heaven faster and not see such hate by the ignorant people who had never seen iraq or anywhere in the middle east but are in there homes eating three course meals and never once looking over your back but yet still can be quick to judge on a religion you know nothing about.


I can believe that such horrible acts are ever true nowadays. These kinds of people, if we can call them people, mustn't exist anymore. If only there were all mad, they could say they have an excuse but they aren't.
I'm so terrified to see such a barbary in our world, what will be our children future with such atrocities...

I think to the families of all the victims, the ones about who we have heard and the others.
We also pray for the French prisoners.

Harmony from Belgium


sorry moonman it was soman from nepal who said the disgraceful comment


well, iam a muslim. I was reading some of the comments. First I would like to say what these people are doing in Iraq or did in New York is not what Islam tells you to do or even doesn't allow any muslim to do some like that.
All i have to say that the day will come and they, killers, will receive their punishment by Allah or by us Human Being. These guys are killers and criminals. In Islam there are Rules For War or Fighting...
I do ask and pray Allah to rest them Nepalese souls in good place in Heaven...



Removed. ~tgom


mumqin qulo muslim mafi mok! qulo kalam allahu akbar! les kalam allahu akbar? if allah is alive today, he will be ashamed of what you have done to your buddhist brothers. the problem in these world of ours is that there are misinformed muslims who don't use their brains and believes only on what their imam says. you my muslim brother take koran literally. may i remind you that every time you pray, you call on good ole Jesus Christ five times more than Mohammed. I am very happy I was born a christian and I will die as one. What you have done is a cowardly act. The real reason why you have done these things is to bring back Iraq to the world of uncivilized muslims so that you will have what you want. Sad for you, 'coz what you want we already have them for free. You don't deserved to be called Muslims, for the Muslims I know are different from what you are! may your Allah come down on his chair and swipe you to the deepest bowels of Hell!


uhhhh one christian soul can you please explain to me what you mean by this

you call on Jesus Christ five times more than Mohammed

i think your right on the nepalese murderers not being muslims

buscando guayaba

These people are so deep in their chit for their deeds that they just don't realized that someday they will die and must likely they will encounter their 72 virgins of "heaven" which will be surely 72 demons from hell.
Absolutely no reason at all for what they did to those 12 Nepalese workers or any other human being decapitaded. What you gonna do when Satan comes for you!!!!


Denounce this...

* American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for their support of this...

"this..." is a link to http://www.nambla1.de/, a site that is up for sale.

What gives?


II don’t believe that this is happening, I came from the Middle East and I am so disgusted with what I’ve seen from these kidnappers. All I can say I hope (Ansar al Islam) have the same fate as the 12 Nepalese. Really ashamed, and so sorry.


Oh look at that, they changed the URL for the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) site.

Let me get on updating that link.


this is not fair....we all know that in this world there is war going on in iraq and afganistan and most of the parts in mid east. but thats not the war for religion. no had said anything BAD about muslim. actually its the al-qaeda who is making all these story about jeehad war. killing 12 nepalese young men thats sound like you can only bully to the poor country people not others. its a shame!!! punish by the god thats you are talking about GOD!!! but al-qaeda you are not a god you have no rights to punish anyone in this world. if you really wanna fight or want a war why don't you fight with real soldier. why don't you ask the GURKHAS come in front you. lets see. then you will know who are the NEPALESE people. BRAVE OF THE BRAVEST. AAYOO GORKHALI


Another great comment that had to be deleted due to a bogus email addy. ~tgom

gorkhali frankfurt

I hate all muslims pigs.Really all the muslims should be killed by america and specially killed muslims of Iraq.Hey u pigs u dont know about gorkhali and hey bin laden pig if u think u r really brave then common infornt of us fight with us...............


Words are wise mens counters, but they are the money of fools. My your own god go with you. Fear not for the victim of crime as they have gone from were they came.
Chose word that heal the living and the words will spread as corn, and feed the world for the world is hungry for the truth.


al-qaeda you have made the nepalese more powerfull than before you will see very soon. the ones who just slaughtered 12 nepalese you have call for your death too. the GOD had told the GURKHAS and the american and the british to punish you the way how you punish 12 nepalese man. HEY do you know about our knife KHUKRI. i think gorkhas gonna use that one for you. you don't need to be blind fold nor it needs longer time, just in 1 second GOD will take you to heaven then transfer you to HELL.be reminded you are not a GOD. there is only one GOD. dont try to brain wash the innocent muslim too. this is not a war of JIHAD. you are trying to make jihad using IN THE NAME OF MUSLIM GOD. you don't respect you islam. you are acting like real coward. COME OUT AND FIGHT WITH THE GORKHAS. we are waiting for you!!!!!! you are fooling with muslim, did you know that even the muslim people don't al-qaeda. thats a very shame..


Everyone and everything rises from the horizontal and is certain at the end of every cycle and every day to return to the same place,this universal law is the tripartite truth that likes use all, revel in life and this common link and make peace not war.
say hello to a stranger and smile it could save a life, or just be a returning smile.

The Truth

The truth? Not so much. Another deleted email from an Islamofacist afraid to identify himself. Comment removed by tgom.


Any son of a whore who kills people like these psychotic fools in Al-qaeda,are not doing anything but proving their faith in Evil.
I say the hell with the United nations.Lets just nuke the fags


[I say the hell with the United nations]

I couldn't agree more.


tgom, my stupid site doesn't seem to want to send trackback pings anymore, but i just had to say it.

you go girl.


The governmnet of Nepal now must send its troops to Iraq to fight against those Iraqi who killed our brothers. Lets us all now start to avenge the death of our citizens. Remember how "GURKHAS" fought in World War II and its time that we raise our Khukuris again.

Nepal Gurkha

Yes, we have to send our army in Iraq and teach those ass holes lessons. How about turing all muslims into Hindus?. The only solution is to eradicate freaking islam from this earth. JAI NEPAL.


This is all so very very sad!

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