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August 22, 2004


black hawk

I like ansar al sunnah, i dont like what the do to the non white people, as long as its white people they are beheading that is fin, that is good, white people are evil devils, they have brought much evil to the non whites in the world....feel free to see me site...www.soul-controllez.webbyen.dk.....


Spoken like a true Senator Kerry supporter.


Anyone who shows support for those who are doing the beheading that has been going on is just as bad or evil of those doing the beheading. People like sellance appear to be devilish themselves when they make comments like that about the white people. If you look very closely the people doing the beheadings in the videos they are not white and doing devilish acts of cruelty. So I ask sellance who is the real devil? True acts of cowards caught on tape. Anyone can see the murder victoms are tied with their hands behind their backs and outnumbered by these yellow belly cowards that hide their faces. Why do they hide their faces??? Because they are cowardice devils. I can not wait for the day of each of their captures! I seek justice!!!


Hey Jimbo you read it wrong that comment was from Blackhawk not me! the text for each person is above their name not below


we muslims are peaceful please dont mix us wğth te freedom fighters of iraq the oilcompany puppet attaced there and they responded we dont approve the the things they do so please dont be redncks and let sanity speak


My apologies to Sellance for my thoughts there meant for Blackhawk. Thanks for correcting me.


Unfortunately, beheading isn't a new practice. In fact, we do that to animals all the time. It's been practiced in war throughout time. Stick some estrogen in the drinking water, that will peace them out.

I just read a letter from a soldier fighting in Iraq last night, I must say his spirits are high and he's determined.

Let's find Bin Laden, his friends, his family and let's obliterate them.

Have you noticed that in the middle east it's men that have been killed in some sort of war that are most revered? I have.

We should have left them riding camels and eating dates. Introduction of oil just messed things up. Good reason to look at alternatives that good ol' American know-how can devise.

God bless America, and please guide our government onto a righteous path, where all can live in peace with their families, where we, (the whole world) can prosper.

I know I'm sounding like a dreamer (mmmm, where have I heard that before?)but as long as there are greedy people there will be war. Too bad, we only have so much time on the world. I don't know about you but I want to spend it with those I love, doing challenging things, loving life and contributing positively to this world.

Good luck everybody!!


I am so sick of hearing on the news about the so called abuses at Abu prison! They hardly mention the murders & beheadings of folks!! Muslums suck!! As far as I am concerned Bush should drop an A-Bomb on all Muslum countries and make the worlds biggest parking lot!!!!!
Now a woman who's only Crime was trying to help those animals in Iraq! has been murdered! What a bunch of cowards!! They can't even show their faces while they commit their murders.
As a loyal American I hate ALL Muslims!

Maybe we should start beheading sorry Muslims living in MY COUNTRY! Give them a taste of their own medicine!!

Now they are gonna make a big deal out of that Marine who shot that creep in their so called Mosaq! I am glad he shot his sorry ass!!!!!!!!
At least that Marine didn't burn the bitches body and hang him from a bridge, like they did our murdered hero's!



I think these so called armies of extreme muslim believer are nothing but cowards.
I can understand that some people are upset with some nations and i can understand that we have invaded their soil and encourage capitalism,

but we do not kill to prove a point, they should fight like soldiers not like brute beast that get their kicks from abusing human lifes.

Some American soldiers Abuse the power trust given to them, and we can not excuse their actions, however these soldier did not kill their enemy, they did not respec them, but they are alive.

Extreme muslim fanatisc should reflect or perhaps read the Koran once again the leaders of these organisation should develop new fighting strategies, new Jihad, where their energies is channel in solving the issues that their countries have with out using the Holy Sword, the koran was writte a very long time ago, its principles can not be taken literaly today.

All these Extreme fanatics are nothing but afraid people afraid to talk, to express themselves and the leaders of these organisations are nothing but scumbags with big Ego problems that abuse their own people.

Islam is a beautiful religion the same as any other religion, for a normal muslim person there is as much inner love and peace as there is for any other normal human.

only some people corrupt it one belief can be used to shield them selfs do damage and harm.


I am muslim and Iam broud to be muslim .I want to say to all of those people stop talking and abusing (ALLAH & MOHAMMED PEACE BE UPON HIM) .You nepales are bloody fuckers the us army is using your fuckers people in Iraq as mercenaries so I think that the army of anssar al sunnah in Iraq has done the right decision in slaying the 12 Nepalian .I hope that will be agood lesson to be learned by the other nepalean mercenary ....FUCK you mercenary FUCK you mercenary FUCK you mercenary FUCK you mercenary


mohammed you insolent homosexual camel fucking coward.
You eat with your left hand and when you bow to pray you face the west and breathe the farts of your own people.
In the name of the one true GOD, I curse you that you will die of a slow agonizing disease.

someone 1

To the arabs I have something to say, you all are cowards, you dress like womans and think you all that, look they came into your lands and fucked you, and i done mean it verbal way, they really did fucked you, abu ghrabian, look i'm a muslim, and in reality i'm a nice guy, but i'm also well knowlegde, i know about arabs, and what they do to people in there country's, can you all believe nr1 racist is arabs, black and asian, they call them abbat, meaning slave. Arabs have a long list of crulty agianst poor other nationality's in there countrys, in the past many of those rich oil country's used slaves, to build, (truefact), for us black people we see two head snakes, but one of them is for real threat to us, the other (no threat) nothin' we can't handle,


fucking arabs, don`t you have respect of humans??




Our American soldiers shall let God be the judge of these animals.

They are simply there to arrange the meetings.

Death to all terrorists.

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