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August 22, 2004


Nick Samarah

Boycott Evil...shut down this site and the bitch who is running it


Well Nicky, it would seem the true evil are the cowards behind the knives and apparently spineless jack-offs like yourself who are afraid to confront them


comment deleted by ~tgom


All are welcome to comment here but you must leave a valid email or url.


Drink This! What am I? I like your site, I support the 1st Amendment, like the 2nd (excellent form of population control for Americans), Hate Bush, been to Iraq and got the Medal..... A Brit


comment removed by the tgom - even though it was great!

Islam Hater

Another great comment that had to be deleted do to Drink this...'s comment policy. Leave a valid track or don't bother - you will be deleted.


this shows that even when Iraqis have not the finances or the well armed troops US has, the civil. Muslims in Iraq are willing to rule with the power of right and good:)


Another comment removed by the tgom.

I hate to see all these comments go to waste. Why is everyone so afraid to own their opinions?

Afraid of being a bullseye?


Careful what you say about these dirtbags, they may one day be your gardener!!!


Really good comment deleted by ~tgom


Well, I'll be back shortly to clean up these comments from bogus posters.

By the way, this site is most definitely not afilliated in any way with The Army of Ansar al-Sunna or any other Islamofacist group who goes around beheading anod otherwise unceremoniously executing people.

English Dogg

Comment removed by the tgom.

I understand people's reluctance to leave an email address when they fear islamofacists might come after them. But if you refuse, don't waste your time leaving your comments here.

IHateSpam and HateMail

Removed by tgom

Muslims must die

Ditto. ~tgom


Ditto. ~tgom


the latest beheading of the nepalese hostage and execution of the other 11 just goes to show the complete animalistic barbarism of the pork eating psycopathic chickenshit fags who call themselves muslims and men of God,whose mothers obviously willingly and joyfully had sexual intercourse with pigs to produce these sick fucks!there will be no paradise or 72 virgins for these twisted butchers,who don't have the balls to fight like the army they claim to be,but are merely lower than whale shit on the bottom of the marianas trench by their attacks on fellow third worlders who are just trying to make money to improve their quality of life.as long as there are bastards like this running around,there can be no peace in the region.hhmmmm,maybe milosovich had the right idea

RP Nepali

I strongly condem the brutal killing of our 12 Nepali innocent brothers by the muslem animals of Iraq.
They sholud all be killed and their symphathysers should also be punished

mother fucker iraqi

Removed. ~tgom

A tip: if you don't want to use your real email - sign up for a sneakemail account. Then come back and use it. All orphaned comments will be deleted or edited as the tgom sees fit.

kirati sb

Hey filthy Muslems ! Why did you kill our innocent Nepalese fellows? Your religion is the worst in the world.Your Alla is bad.

I used to hate Mr Bush and the West but now I hate Muslims and Iraqis.

Mr Bush , please kill all of the followers of the Alla.
Mr Sharon, kill all the Palestineans.
Mr Chirac , kill all the muslims in France.

Gurkhas will kill all mUslims in the UK and Nepal.


Comments by dumb ass Islamofacist lover removed. ~tgom


If you feel your comment has been removed unfairly that's too fucking bad. If you've got something to say, name yourself or no one here cares about your opinion.

All deleted comments have been preserved. If you'd like to claim yours, leave a real email or url.


Removed. ~tgom

suman from nepal

You pig muslims. You reader of a peace of shit Koran. what the hell did you think, you did by killing our 12 nepalese brothers. You muslims are motherfuckers. don't you think you're in minority somewhere like in nepal. muslims in nepal must be killed as a retaliation. tit for that. muslim bastards deserve this. Muslims are symbol of war. when will this world be peaceful? I have an answer. when there will be no single muslim left in this world. Please Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair kill every muslim in this world and make world a better place to live. Muslims do not deserve human life. they are animals they must be slaughtered in slaughterhouse. Mr. Bush If you can't do this then free Mr. milesovic and give him nuclear weapon he will definitely do it. May god keep you alive Mr. Milesovic and may you be successful in your task.


Bloody Allaha is a mother fucker. Allah has sucked my penis.
We nepali will fuck all muslims girls and will support the rest of the world to eradicate muslims from this world.
Muslims are mother fuckers. We aware all muslims.
Jai Nepal


These young Nepalese boys were among the innocent. Probably not a strong political statement among the 12 of them. Trying to make some money to improve the quality of their lives and make something out of themselves. Look at the outcome. They are killed by terrorists who target the weak and humble because they are not intelligent enough or strong enough to fight those that they hate so much. What does executing 12 innocent people say about the religion you preach?

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