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June 28, 2004



comment removed by the tallglassofmilk due to bogus url and email


The eMail wasn't bogus but unfortunately, under URL I repeated the eMail. You know my blog exists, you've tracked back to it.

Can you answer the question now? Should I re-post?


I'll try again:

What makes George W. Bush a 'right winger'? (And I ask this as a conservative)

- A 26% increase in domestic discretionary spending?

- The largest entitlement program since LBJ?

- A massive farm support bill?

- Trade barriers?

- Getting in bed with Teddy Kennedy (sorry for the mental image) on a black hole of an education bill?

- Or maybe this quote:

"[T]he role of government is to stand there and say, 'We're going to help you.' The job of the federal government is to fund the providers who are actually making a difference."

George W. Bush

(Quoted in the New York Times via Andrew Sullivan)

So where's the conservatism?


Sorry I didn't recognize you, get too many spammers and don't slow down to look at details, I just check to see if they work.

Anyway, here you go: Who says George W. Bush has done "nothing" for conservatives?


It's ok, the same thing happens to me. And I'm not trying to bait you or be overly polemical, I swear. It's just that I don't see the 'conservatism' of this president.

The link provided a lot of info about what W says he supports. It's a hagiography of sorts. I don't care what constitutional amendments he favors, I wish he'd honor what we already have.

Congress declaring war, habeas corpus, etc.

George Bush cut taxes, kudos, he also threw some red meat to the evangelical right. That's fine.

Unfortunately, with control of both houses of Congress he engaged in a spending orgy (non-defense descretionary) that makes President Clinton seem fiscally conservative by comparison.

Passing on generational debt to those yet unborn-- as well as the items I listed in my original comment -- is hardly conservative by nay definition.

This is a liberal administration with very sharp teeth.

I miss divided government.

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