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June 22, 2004


Stephen Macklin

"Everybody still wanna play nice?"

I think we need to play a nice game of "Making Terrorists Dead." And we need to go back to playing to win.


I'm tired of "Playing Nice" with terrorist, murderers, and those who pander to them. Especially those over here who encourage and empower them.

But I'm fat and old and have horrible vision. Military won't have me. I can't "Fix it" and I feel frustrated and angry that there is nothing I can do about it except to blog about it.

So that is what I will have to do.

honky tonk

comment removed by the tallglassofmilk due to bogus email. why is it the people with the dumbest #$*& to say won't own it?


I believe it is an absolute necessity that "we" the American people see(as much as possible) the realities of a heartlessness which can only mean there are those amongst us who absolutely have No! I mean: NO SOUL! Whose aspirations are none,compassion is zero and those of us w/souls mourn the loss of fellow Americans, hurt for their loved ones left behind to live w/the horror. I search endlessly for the truth and in this seeking I see speechless heads;motionless bodies...actions uncalled for as we sit here unable to do anything but excercise our "Freedom of speech" on the uglieness @ hand!Gotta run.......OH Yes, I heard( from their escaped women) aside from beheading Americans & Koreans they practice Sodomy on a regular basis( behind closed doors) not to mention how easy it is to execute a tied up prisoner! Untie our people and go one on one...Cowards beat women, children and bound men! Gotta run.......run...reporter


Sometimes I find our German media really hard to comprehend. At SPIEGEL online today in the morning the first article is about Rumsfeld specifially ordering dogs to be used to threaten prisoners, than as second news they bring the beheading of SouthKorean Kim Sun Il. And just now I checked it again and suddenly the murder of Kim has dropped several articles down the line, while Rumsfeld still leads the field.....

TGOM and her readers know, that I am highly critical about the treatment of those prisoners in Iraq as well as in Guantanamo, but things need to be put in perspective and the beheading of a helpless hostage should be prime in the line of articles BEFORE articles about Rumsfeld...

Maybe it is my mild depression due to the f****ing wheather here in Germany or just the growing frustration with the politics here in Germany, but seeing this biased reporting just makes me feel so sad, terribly sad.


The score is 3-0, three heads to none. Its time to fight violence with violence. Its the only way to get this enemies attention.


Hah! Congrats, saw you're linked to from daypop.com...

I have a more moderate view of these beheadings... I wrote this about the previous beheadings. Did you get a chance to read it?

Ahmad Khalaf

Hello everybody,

All I can say regarding the death of Nick Berg and Kim Sun Il that the ones who were responsible of such cowerdly actions are going to pay a lot!
Islam is such a great religion, however, many of the people that follow it are stupid ignorants. If these people were true Muslims, they wouldn't have acted like that. What would prophet Muhammad say if he sees that? What would God say?
Those idiots didn't ask themselves these questions, otherwise they would've done the right thing. When it goes to killing someone, the only time that such action is religiously allowed if it was for self-defense.
It's enough that these cowards are living like animals at the moment.


[When it goes to killing someone, the only time that such action is religiously allowed if it was for self-defense.]

That’s terrific. After 9-11, that puts “we the People of the United States of America” on “solid religious footing” to do *WHATEVER IT TAKES* to defend ourselves.

[the ones who were responsible of such cowerdly [sic] actions are going to pay a lot!]

Yes. They shall.

Look, Ahmad, I appreciate your words—truly, I do. The problem I have is that you are a lone voice. Were there more voices from the Islamic community expressing such sentiments in *A LOT MORE* public forums, maybe I wouldn’t be so skeptical…



I'm not muslim but if I where, I think I'd have liked to translate these usurpers strait to jahanam for besmirching Islam - if this is indeed what they are doing.

Sorry boys, Abu Ghraib isn't a good enough distraction.

There don't seem to be too many Muslims or Muslim organizations condemning these far more common real atrocities.



I'm very pleased, however unfortunate the circumstances, that finally many more muslims, and others, are speaking up after this...


only one thing to say---Islam does not in any way condone the harming of any innocent people at all. Islam is a religion of peace and this is actually a root of the word Islam.

the terrible acts done here of late--and for centuries like them--have been committed by a group of Mulims commonly referred to as the--"Khawaarij"--they first appeared during the khaliphate of 'Ali-and are now in the form of these terrorists.

The Prophet Muhammad (salallahu 'alaihi wasallam) had prohpecied their arrival, and even indicated that there is a reward, from Allah, for killing them. And He further indicated their demeanor-calling them--"the dogs of Hell". They are the lowest of the Muslimoon, evil men, not caring about the truth of the religion--but only wanting to rule--and overthrow governments and make "Kharaj"--ie.-"to take out"-(overthrow)

but of course you will never hear this-as the media plays on their evil, disgusting acts--and protrays this as Islam. this is not Islam--in actuality--this is a HUGE minority.

Another point to add--the biggest target of these Khawarij is Saudi Arabia--yep--Saudi--they hate the government there--they repeatedly kill their brother Muslims (an act punishable with only hell--as killing a muslim is like killing all of mankind)--AND YOU WESTERNERS ONLY HEAR ABOUT THE BIG THINGS-THEY reak havac on the once easy-going life there. the holiest sites in Islam are their--and they want it all--basically.

Also Salafiyyah-(you said salafist) is the pure form of Al Islaam. not as some liars from the Ikhwaan al muslimoon want you westerners to believe--but rather the Salafis are the peace loving--Allah fearing Muslims you NEVER have to worry about--i am a salafi--insha Allah. but these sufis--these deobandis (like the Taliban), and these Khawarij want you to think that the salafiyyoon are the bad eggs---while this is absolutely not true.

below are some religious verdicts-(fatawa-or fatwas) from the Scholars of Islam--the REAL scholars-not these watered down "milk-shaykhs" on the media. but the Scolars from Saudi Arabia-(as all Scholars eventually end up there--as it is the land of Islam and the best place to live on earth)--notice how Shaykh bin Baaz repeatedly tried to advise Bin Laaden to give up his kharijee ways!!!!! the Salafi Scholars--please note the they ARE SALAFI SCHOLARS!!!! FROM MADINA AND MACCA PROPER-NOT THESE IDIOTS YOU SEE ON TV!!!!---

thank you--and feel free to contact me [email protected] pls--don't be a pest and just write to ridicule or threaten me--ok?--i am an ex-Airborne Ranger from the 75th and dont care about idle threats--kay?

thank you-

Isa Abdullah Cantley


i want to know,what islam says about this killings.

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