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May 11, 2004



What these ignorant Muslims don't seem to understand or comprehend, is that all people have a right to choose their religion. Their religion is not superior to anyone else's. They should be hunted down like the dogs that they are, and publicly executed, and the film sent back to their people. I am a Gulf War vet, and do not appreciate such inhumanity regardless of someone else's beliefs. Send them to me!!


You fucken basterds, Even now you still show the video of the beheading. Take it off, so no one else can see this. I swear to god, you need your heads chopped off, your wife and kids. Fuck all of you Arab and eastern sand niggers all should die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GaryE. Cooper

I viewed the beheading of Nick Berg. I am finding myself being very angry as a retired military police officer of the 72 nd miltary police comand 95 bravo, in las vegas (Henderson,Nv,).

We as a nation are twisted as we can be. We spend money worrying about the abuse of Iraq,s Prisioners naked bodies. When they capture us we are slain, tortured , burned alive ,body part hung over bridges & beheaded for all the world to see.

All we can do is persecute our own honorable soldiers for displaying the nakedness of terrorist.

At least we don,t behead the terrorist we captured,who constant exsistance is to kill every soldier, american citizen. That has tried to help that country get back on thier feet.

Iraq has Oil & Poppie Flower ( to make Cocaine ), that President Bush is really worried about. He could have prevented the killing of Americans in Saudia Arabia, Iraq and other countries we put our noses into.

In the bible ( Yahweh ) God had Israel to jkill every man ,woman & child. The reason was to cut off any possibility of that nation to rise up to be of a threat to Israel. In the word Jerusalem you have the acrynom 9 ( USA ).

We are linked to Isreal. We need to respond with terrorist with out Pedjudice. Kill the whole nation.Leaving no terrorist alive. Then and only then will the world be safe.

When our So-Called President makes it difficult for our soldiers to be treated with dignity. Regarding health care, making sure they are given
every comfort for laying thier lives on the line to protect our borders from enemies both outside our borders and inside our borders.

Instead Washington view on our Veterans and Soldiers who are currently serving. Is to make it difficult as possible to make sure the veteran don,t get the services and the money they deserve.

So in principalour President has beheaded our Veterans and soldiers from the Benifits they need for dying and putting their lives on the line.

President Bush needs to comfort the family by taking action against these Killers.


I watched the video and it strengthens my belief that Islam is a religion of evil; or if it is not then those who act in its name, or allow others to act in its name, certainly are. One day they will have to stand in front of Berg's immortal soul and explain why they did it.

My guess is he will forgive them!


if you won't own it, don't bother posting it. yet another ignorant coward's comment removed.

Stephen S. Markowski

OK John I can say I've seen the burg video but im download that one now. In case you didn't one of our countrymen was beheaded and his name is Paul Johnson. I have just seen these savages who call themselves profits, horibly mutalate and kill inocent civilians. Something has to be done about it. We can't as a nation just sit on our asses and watch as more and more americans and inocent woman and children are murdered by there brainwashed lunatics who call themselves "muslims" and I say "muslims" because there is no place in organised religion for the taking of inocent civilian lives; the poor man was just trying to make a life for himself and came up maimed and killed on television. Some of the craziezt people have been religious fanatics. I am a christian myself and firm in my belief in Jesus Christ as the only son of god; my lord savior and freind but that doesn't give me the right to trade places with him. Adolf Hitler was a "christian" extremist who seem to think it was good for him to trade places with god and decide what kind of people would live die and make money. When those Japs bombed Pearl Harbor we didn't sit on our asses and let this nazi lunatic go and conquer the world. Heck no This nation stood up proud a united people a nation of many free brave men and women to fight the sinister evil bastard who called themselve's "christian". And I say "christian" because I believe they're all in hell alone with Hitler where there is weeping an knashing of teeth. I also believe most any true relgion is better than no religion at all. can contribute to the general welfare of a free nation. Christian Muslim Jewish Buddist... the list could go on and on. But the fact of the matter is. All men are evil in there subconsious thats why sociecty has laws and religion to control most of these evil desire. And these terrists belive only in evil. I have a few freinds who are muslim here in the usa I know they would never behave in a way so evil with such cowardess and lack of respect. This evil group who calls themselves Al-Kaidia does want's to erradicate all of western society and anyone who does not believe in there allah. Hitler was the same way the only differnce between Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden is they were raised in a different faith. Both religous extremists both crazy; both evil. And both of them will have to die alone with every follower they have by the bullets bombs and grenades of American and UN forces. Wev'e had a wake up call it was the trajedy of 911 attacks. We must rise up united as nation to combat this threat to our free society. History must repeat itself. It seem's now the only choice we have to preserve our brave free nation and combat these baby killers with force and power. We cannot let these "muslim" terroists put out the torch of liberty as we know it. And I really hate when the liberal media twists the facts and portrays this as a religous conflict. We are not fighting agaist all muslims we are only fighting against the corrupt ones who cause iraqi's horible pains most them also good muslims who want us there. The liberal media is goin crazy portray all the bad and none of the good just so the liberals can have the presidency and a couple more trees. Well newsflash leftwing fanics human life and american freedom and safety to walk outside is much more important than any of this other non existant bullshit and it is bullshit that you worry about. The first Kerry would want to do is pull out of Iraq and let all they're "poor" f-ing Iraqi lunatic's in Al to lute steel kill and mutilate they're fellow countrymen and the rest of us westerners. Yes I mean you, folks every good american citizen is at risk. These people attacked american civillains on 911 and want to do it agian. They have no respect for our right to live so in turn we should have no repect for there's. These people arn't goin to negotiate they have no respect for human life as we know it. They're not hunting after Bush or the republican party they're after everyone who lives in freedom here in American, Christians Jews, Muslims, Buddists, all of us. The taliban is after America as we know it. We can't just run away and hide they could attack at any time and we need to hunt these people down and kill them for our own safety. Were at war. War on terroists and we can't stop fighting. untill this terrorist organisation is dead. at 911 they declared war on us we must fight. I can't go because Im 4H but. If I eva see Osama Bin Laden round this great nation you can pretty much guarantee I'll kill him myself or die trying. Good night to all, and god bless america.

Stephen S. Markowski

Hey John By the way I saw that video you called "fake" yeah looks really fake to me about as fake as the number 3. Did you detect the hint of sarcasm there. Well anyway Maybe its time for you to get an eye exam or were you to afraid to even finish watching the video. That was a real american with real feelings and a real family and real blood. Why don't you just fucking grow up and realise there is some sick evil people in the world. Five of them bein the murders who killed that berg boy. Notice those cowarly bastards that killed him didn't show there face. But I sincerly hope they burn in hell for what they did. And hopefully our millitary can find them and send the bastards there.

J Aiello

These people (Radical Islam) are not
capable of being reasoned with - so
why try?
There is only one thing these people
remotely respect - Strength. Any other
response (debate, fingerpointing, 2nd
guessing, selfblame, etc) is viewed as
weakness on our part and will only
encourage more acts of terror.

What we do see is story after story
about how the US once again is abusing
people by stripping them of their
clothes, making them stand for up to 4
hours, and yelling at them. How so
very sad - to attempt to equate that
treatment with beheading someone or
burning them and hanging the
people from a bridge.

People have to wake up and start to
understand that we are not in a war
against 'terror' but against Radical
Islam. These radicals use terror as a
tactic. We need to re-focus the
fight on the people and the groups
they represent. I know that most
Politicaly Correct will kringe at
the prospect that a whole reglious
group must be hunted down and killed
- but that is the ONLY way to win
this war.

Anything less is and we loss this
(World War III).


yet another comment from a cowardly troll removed by the tallglassofmilk. if you won't own it, don't bother posting it.

a dickinson

not all christians will turn the other cheek

a dickinson

not all christians will turn the other cheek


A few passages from the Koran:

"Fight those who do not believe in Allah" (Surat At-Taubah 9:29.
"I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, Smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger tips of them" Koran 8:12
"The unbelievers among the People of the Book and pagans shall burn forever in the fire of Hell. They are the vilest of all creatures" (Koran 98:1-8).
"Fight against those who believe not in Allah, and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth {Islam}, until they are subdued" )Suran At-Taubah 9:29).
Pretty much says it all. Most likely why we have "never heard broad Muslim condemnation of their fellow Muslims' murderous acts committed in the name of their God. If anything, there has been jubilation and dancing in the streets in the wake of Muslim attacks on westerners. Contrast their response to the widespread western condemnation of the, mild by comparison, behavior of a few coalition forces in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison." Walter E. Williams


Everyone remember...

We are dealing with individuals that cannot be bought, bargained with, reasoned with or negotiated with. They have but one intent: kill non-believers. This is their religion and it is so stated. Anyone that believes Islam is a religion of peace should go out and get a brain enema. It is a vile, violent religion and the funny part is.....what if God is simply make believe?
The US should take care of the US and let the other shitholes of the world do whatever they want...until they hit the US. Then even the score, violently and completely. Some people just need to be taught when they need to give up. They certainly won't realize this until severe actions are taken.
We are dealing with a mentality that whatever we do, will never be good enough. We could totally pull out of the mid-east and that would not suffice. They war, they have for centuries. It's in their blood, their schools, their children. They are uncapable of leaving in peace-it's not in their nature and perhaps it's not what they want. I say give them their turf of dirt exclusively and pull out of the region. Next terroristic episode, level Mecca and Medina and then move along. They will kill us regardless of what we do or don't do. We might as well minimize the number of them as best we can.

They will never change, they are incapable.


One wonders why we bother to record history--America invaded another culture in Vietnam--they lost--but--rather than learning from that humiliating experience--it now invades Iraq--first under the cover of a thin tissue of lies---then under the same reason as Vietnam--to impose Americas so-called "morals"--on a vastly different culture--so now we're doomed to watch the re-run of the world's only superpower humiliate itself yet again!!


In World War II, the horrible Axis powers spread across Europe, committing untold atrocities upon Jews and others in the way of their conquests. Upon their surrendur in 1945, they were required to comply with conditions of their surrendur, to include occupation for decades to come.

when Iraq invaded Quwait and moved into Northern Saudi Arabia to establish a defensive perimeter, the US and the UN acted to push Iraq back to their own borders and eventually forced a surrendur with only a few minor conditions. Those conditions were that they would disarm both conventional and nonconventional arms and they would allow UN inspectors to inspect their government and military for as long as necessary. They got off easy for their modern-day imperial invasion...

In 1998, Saddam finally kicked out the last UN inspector, after playing untold games and tricks for 7 years. When I hear people say that the invasion is unjust, I ask you: Do you think we would have sat idly back and watched Germany rebuild and prepare for World War III if they had not complied with the terms of their surrendur after World War II? Iraq had 5 years or threatening, and one full year of "last chances" before the UN gave the authorization for military action against the violation of their surrendur.

And lastly, the inspectors knew as a fact that Iraq still had some elements of chemical weapons when we were kicked out in 1998 - I was there and I saw the evidence! Is it OUR fault that he continued to deny any further evidence to the inspectors after 1998? That he continued to make fools out of us all until the day we invaded?

Blah - it is a waste of time to try and convince those who were opposed to the war though because they are set in their denial that Iraq would have EVENTUALLY become a massive threat to both the mideast and to the US homeland. Whether Iraq was active with Al Queda or not for 9-11, they were in communication and time would have joined these friends against a common enemy - US!




i found reading all these messages and comments very interesting. I think the amount of vitriol and scorn heaped on rd is a bit harsh.
some of the comments really do seem to lack an understanding of history.
the whole middle east situation, the entire region is a result of the colonial political and economic manipulation by predominently western powers. britain created modern Iraq, before this, arabs were more or less tribal and living in a feudal society. whatever problems come back to haunt us now have their roots a long time ago. In Israels case, 2,000 years is not such a long time. Whats a little local historical difficulty when weighed against all that history? It is depressing that so much suffering (on all sides, but its mainly non westerners who have died)occurs. All one can do is behave in your personal life as you would have everyone else behave towards you and your family. that means basically non-violence. an eye for an eye is not a principal that anybody in the western democracys should advocate, not unless we are willing to lose our economic advantage and see the death of multitudes of our own citizens.


just another perspective...

In the 1950's, the Arab world hailed the USA as a beacon of light in the west. This was mostly due top the high moral values that the American media exploited overseas.

Since 1995, we have exploited nothing but immoral values and attitudes to the rest of the world. Watching our media would make an unbiased, outside observer think that everyone sleeps with everyone else - whether the same sex or not...or even same species for that matter.

It isn't a very big stretch of the imagination to see why an ultra-religious society would start hating us and our "ideals".

The western secular society that we live in and embrace goes against every notion of the Arab religious world that they live in.

Whether they should deal with it the way they do or not is another debate entirely.

I, for one, find the current way they (insinuating "terrorists") handle things to be the one sure way they can insure that they won't be around long.

craig richardson

americans are the only people in the world to believe that the atlas should picture them centrally.


hi guys all it is common sense. cant we all just get along with the french, the germans and the russians.


The media isnt liberal its funny to me when poltics are concerned republicans never own up to their mistakes always someone elses mistake anyways I think there was more to 9/11 than anyone can imagine i mean The OK bomber was an american terrorist so whose to say that perhaps those terrorist could have been American as well? i mean come on some things just dont add up and i may be a conspiracy theorist but i think that people should find out more about what REALLY happened before they jump in blindly!! research and i dont mean just by TV either some sources may be more reliable than others and cover the holes the media (whose political views could be both or neither btw) left i find it disturbign that violent websites are increasing........two wrongs dont make a right its not my place to judge others and tell them they are false or not cause they could also be misinformed or ignorant but i do know this as with the war and abortion and all those wonderful issues the solution is simple two wrongs dont make a right well since im losing topic all i have left to say is dont vote for left or right vote for peace instead. also my favorite quote about war: "In war it is not whose right but whose left"


I would like to add my comment to this most difficult of topics. How can either side claim to be in the "right"? I am horrified at the videos I watched of the execution of civilians by beheading them. The same must be said when watching news footage of a helicopter firing missiles into a crowd of civilians purportedly to disable a burning tank? How much more disabled can a tank go?

I am not a pacifist, having served(1970-72) in the army during the Vietnam conflict I know the terror of war, and the pain inflicted on all involved in any conflict.

War cannot be defended unless to stop invasion of your country. (Now who is invading who I wonder?)
Terrorism cannot be condoned in any form either!

Is there an answer to end either? Hell if I knew that I would be an Einstien (sorry I'm not). My final opinion is that I feel the pain of over 1,000 USA service personel's families who have lost loved ones, the pain of families enduring the hostage and execution of their loved ones, but also the pain of Iraqi innocents families that have died during this conflict too. It all seems to be a no win situation for everybody, the only bright light is probally that we still have the right to post our thoughts publicly on such a site like this.
I found drinkthis by accident, now i check it out each day, whether I agree with all thats written it doesnt matter, at least we have the freedom to express ourselves at least.


I think it would be very helpful if you posted the links where these horrible viedos come from. In order to express outrage at the cowards that do these crimes we need to be able to reach them, I say expose them to the world. Otherwise its exploitation.


I believe that these people understand nothing but terrorism. To expect them to understand and comply with the Geneva Convention is a moot point also. We are forced to play by the rules, yet they do not. To take it one step further, they are perhaps playing by the rules, but the rules of their game. It's time we stopped playing our game and started playing theirs. What I mean by this is that if they kill a hostage, we capture and kill ten of their people; if they blow up a plane full of innocent people, we blow up an entire airport; if they decide that opening fire with automatic weapons in a church, we selectively firebomb an entire village. Behaeading you say? Lets behead and entire shopping center. Every time they attack innocent people, we show them that our sledge hammer is bigger and does the job quicker - we play their game by their rules, and this they will understand. Don't like the sound of this? DON'T LISTEN. Remember World War II with that little island in the Pacific that caused us so much grief? That sledgehammer we used then completely ended the problem. How soon we forget.

Beverly Rytlewskl

I just saw the beheading of nick berg. I read on the net that we are considering the release of one of the women being held. What the hell is wrong with this Picture? It makes me sick that we are giving in to those bastards after what they have been doing. Since we are there and shouldn't be in the first place, I say blow up all the sons of bitches and get out. Wipe them off of the map and show everyone else we won't stand for this inhumanity. How can people do things like this? We all need to start asking God to stop this somehow. How can Bush live with himself? Maybe someone will Behead Him!!!!!

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