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March 02, 2004



I come to you via David @ Ripples. I will revisit. Sounds like you have had a much deserved 'better' week.

Machete of Speed

Hey, TGOM. You are hotttttttt!!!!!


My first thought after you said he gave you his personal website... It used to be phone numbers that people exchanged. LOL! Now it's "here's my web site, let's do email". Too funny. *BG*

Cheryl Ann

You are so lucky..i want to meet him one day..HOPEFULLY


your site truly has it all! and what you don't have you have links to. you are an absolute genius. smart, gorgeous, and a dale jr. fan to boot! thank you for your support of the military and of our president. and #8. GO JR.!!!!


great dale jr story/meeting! do you work in the entertainment industry, or did you just have a friend who got you in...:)

nice blog/site.


Indeed I do work in the industry, which got me in, and I knew the photographer who knew I was a big fan so he hooked up the photos while I got the chance to chat with Junior.

Everyday should be that good!


your serously so lucky....liek i would pee my pants if i met him i think. hehe...he's gergouse and the best driver ever....your so lucky.....i would love to meet him one day and hopefully i'll be as lucky as u were ....Bol


u r awesome i would die to meet dale jr. Im his #1 fan.I love him u r very lucky. Rock on.


U r awesome i would absoulty die to meet Dale Jr. Im his # 1 fan.Rock on if u ever see jr again tell him i said hi


You are so awesome i would do anything to meet dale jr. i totally love him. You are awesome.


u r so totally awesome. Next time you see Dale, stick your tongue in his ear and propose...


Jennifer Drummond

I have met Dale Jr a few times and it was nice and not going to say what happened after I met him. But believe me I loved meeting him!

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