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March 01, 2004



Wow that sux somethin awful. I been there myself, and i'd tell you how i finally managed to get out of it all, but it'd only depress you.

Suffice it to say, it took years, and the grace of God, but honestly, and as hokey as i know it sounds, it WAS the best thing that ever happened to me.

Super Balls make the biggest bounces -- but ONLY after they hit rock bottom, and almost crack under the strain.

Pray for a miracle. Wait for it. It will be there, right under your nose, but only when you least expect it.

sure is funny how these things work...

(You are in my prayers tonight)


I was in that situation only fourteen years ago. I couldn't afford the lease payments on my Isuzu Impulse. I finally had to turn it in and buy an old car. The leasing company came after me for the unpaid balance, but I didn't have anything they could attach so they went away disappointed.

It took several years to get my finances back in order. After I recovered, I was more prudent about getting in debt and charging things. I paid cash for everything for many years after that.

You have to negotiate with your creditors and get some relief while you are getting your finances back in order. If they will not give you any slack, you may have to consider more drastic measures.

You will pull through this, but it will require changing how you do things. Stick to your guns and do what makes sense for you. Be brave and do not compromise your integrity.


My thoughts are with you. At the end of every tunnel there is light and it's not always that on-coming train. Easier said than believed, but this too will pass and what awaits you is way, way good.

Joe Greenlight

"Faith, hope, and charity; the greatest of these is hope". Don't give up hope, but at the same time, don't get so discouraged that you stop wishing for things. Most people "hope" bad things don't happen and "wish" for good things. Balance your hopes and your wishes, and you'll be all right.


I am so sorry! I wish I knew what to say...


I know what it's like to be in that kind of situation. Just remember, this too shall pass.

Best wishes,

- Zonker

Wayne Hurlbert

I have pointed out your need for employment on my blog today. I also mentioned your abundant talents as a writer, who would be an asset to any company. I'm sorry I can't do more.


Everyone has been so generous with their donations and their understanding and inspiring words.

I am reconnected and chipping away at that fine. I'm also incredibly inspired and really trying to reply to everyone personally.

I shall look forward to paying it back or forward when the need arises.


..late to the blog, but looks like things are on the up! Having been through two redundancies in the last 3 years, there are lots of ups as well as downs. Set the goals, start the plan, and take it day by day.

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