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Beyonce Rorie

My name is Beyonce Rorie,I am 8 years old. I love to watch your show with my Auntie Nina. I especially like to meet your children, they are very pretty like me.I would like to be a model some day and model your Baby Phat cloths.

Beyonce R.

luv her neva could hate her

that's alot of money I will be russell's kid if I could get that every month


I just love Kimora! I am her number 1 fan! Love the show,love the book,Fabulous!!!!!!!!!xoxo
-MS Diva Brettina Mya Payne!!!!


Kimora you are the best. Keep up the good work!!!!


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scott beck

Kimora is a disgrace to everything. She is a piece of plastic. Anybody should be ashamed of supporting her.

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I am very pleased to stabilize the situation of Kimora, I as a mother could not assimilate a situation like this where children are involved, hopefully will be very happy.

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