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jamelia lane

hello i watch your shows a lot i wish yo where my mom i would like to visit you


hi kimmora i am 12 and i am from the STL just like you. You are my really are faboulous.i am trying to become a model but i do not have enough money but maby one day my dreams will come true.

love cm

jamelia lane

i want to be just like you and see what living iin the fab lane is like i am loud love to travel and i love dimond love to play and swim and i love candy and lost more i love you kimora hope you get my letter

Mercella Davis

I am an avid admirer of Ms. Kimora Lee Simmons. Her entrepreneural drive is contageous. If you ask me what I would like to be when I grow up, I would say..I would like to have the same drive to succeed as Ms.Simmons. Please take a look at my jewelry website listed. I am currently in college and is an Economics major. I have been designing my own jewelery since I was around 10 years old. I hope Ms. Simmons will have an opportunity to view my website and if you would like to provide your feedback, I would certainly appreciate it. Thank You Kindly.
Best wishes Kimora. You are blessed!!

Sofia Sona Nemecek

Dear Ms. Kimora Simmons,

I live in Atlanta Georgia and I am 6 (soon to be 7) years old. I am of a mixed background as you are. My mommy is South Indian and my daddy is Czech. My mommy loves to watch your shows and your daughters. I would love to be a model too – can I model for you one day?

Sofia Sona Nemecek


Hi Kimora my name is Shanece I love you,Ming Lee,and Aoki Lee.I wish I was your daughter it would be my dream to meet you.I also want to be a model just like you when i get older Ming and Aoki are very lucky to have a mother like you please e-mail me back at

daija henderson

hi kimora lee i would like to be your model one day i hope this counts as a interveiw i am smart in honor i am i 6th grader tall and sakiny bye!

charre johnson

kimora i love your show i would love to know where you donate your phat babies smile clothes i have a cute three yr old who could rock any and all of them with love a fan of yours always cj atl

charre johnson

kimora i love your show you are a true diva. I would love to know where you donate your phat babies smile clothing, I have a three year old who could rock any or all of them. Please email me at thanks cj-Atlanta

andria thompson

Hey Kimora, I love your clothing line and I love the fact that you've snagged that extremely handsome man! You stay real and beautiful-inside and out, girl!

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