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I just watched 10inutes of her stupid TV sho0w and almost threw up. What an obnoxious, self absorbed bitch she is. Why is her picture on every ad for baby phat, she's a pig.

just disgusted

I have to say, If she is anything like her show, or even worse like her show but with even more rough edge; Than she is an example of a worst nightmare, all money, and no class, she just happened to be a preferred boy toy to one of hip hop's biggest success stories. Hey may have been a womanizer, but come one, she knew that, she just wanted him to punch her golden ticket. It is sad when you see a woman who is SO SO SO loud and so self absorbed. She is an example of focusing on all the worst things that come with money. all shopping bag and no class. Here is the thing, she clearly took what she learned from her modeling career and from being Russell simmon's wife, and worked it. But everything about her is all about the wrong message. I mean I am idiot for expecting to not be grossed out while watching the style channel, but I guess I just keep hoping that it will be about style and aesthetics not personalities and egos. One word when I think about life in the fab lane UGH.

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