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tamara wilson

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I know we all watch "Life in the Fab Lane" faithfully. During the first episode, Kimora explained that she had to maintain her weight for the Baby Phat photo shoot, but her current diet left her hungry and frustrated. I immediately thought of my own struggle to lose weight while maintaining my health and recalled that I had found something that may help us all.

Amaranth is a whole grain that has so many nutrients that vegetarians combine it with brown rice to eliminate meat from their diet all together. While I have not been able to locate the actual whole grain via bricks (only clicks), I have tried several cereals made with Amaranth. You will find them at your local Whole Foods , Trader Joes, or other natural/organic/whole food stores. I recommend it because it is healthy and very fulfilling, but non-fattening!

I wish I was the new hire on the second episode, but, since I'm not I wanted to share my health secret with you all- especially Kimora.

Lots of Love

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Interesting how Sunday I was telling myself I should do this very same thing! The being creative everyday in April thing. See it's still a wee bit cold to go outside, spring isn't quiet here in beauty yet but it is in spirit.

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