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Well Russell married her for her looks. She is 30 so he wants some "fresh meat". At least she will get child support has a very sucessful business and won't be some desparate ex-wife dependant on his cash

News Travel

Come on people y'all know that Kimora has been sleeping with Baby of Cash Money Millionaire for about 5 years, So don't blame Mr. Simmons


Maybe this time his stupid a** will find a black woman who will not use him to get rich and famous like all of the gold digging white women who get these stupid rich black men just for thier money and then leave them after they get a baby by them.


Kimora is half black Lisa, so I think you can take your racist comments elsewhere. Do not pretend for a single second that black women arent any more interested in wealth than white women. Ughh people like you make me sick!


None of us are to judge their decision.This is what I have to say for all your comments
Keisha:Your comment needs some fixing.
News Travel:How would you know.You're not Kimora.Infact no where close to her place,because if you were her youu wouldn't be writing trash about her on the web.
Lisa:Kimora's mom is from Japan and her father is African American,which obviously makes her half black.Not white!Get HER facts stright.And also she didn't marry Russel for his wealth.They married each other because they were in love.And as you can clearly see they both love their children and had a happy marriage.Infact I don't even think thes rumors are true.
Desiree:I don't know if you're black or not but you sure are right.
P.S. I was watching the Tyra show today,and her and Kimora have absolutely great personalities.There both fun to be with.Kimora's daughters worked the runway and they talked about Russel.Kimora never mentioned anything about a divorce.Nor when Russel was on the show about 3 weeks ago did he mention anything about the divorce.He was actually talking positively about.So HATERS GET OGG THIR CASE!!!! Go make something of your life,and try to accomplish what they did instead of sitting around gossiping SHIT about them.

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