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You got busted for Pot?No one looks up to you or likes you expensive clothes either.You are ugly n-e ways.You should just give clothing unstead of selling a pair of pans to a little girl for $79.99


Your clothes cost too much money.You heartless bitch!


I bought this book the day it was released and i have to say it is good! I <3 Kimora but i was doubting that i would take this book seriously. I was so wrong. Its not like the typical self help books where someone tells you how to be. She leaves an open space for you to decide how you will achieve fabulosity. I shouldnt have doubted her. For all the people leaving hateful comments you need to grow up. For you to take time out of your day just to insult someone you "dont like" is remedial. If you dont like her dont go to her fan pages or anything that has to do with her. It will save yourselves from looking like the fools you are. :)


Kimora, my name is KLS too! I you are one of the top DIVA's in Hollywood! For all the HATERS that was spoon feed hate juice as a baby and now have grown into a monster of Hateration, ignor them for they do not have high self-esteem. Keep up the good work for I too have been hated on my entire life. People hate on you because you are DOING YOU! You are a DIVA by birth! You're young, beautiful, vibrant, hardworker,have 2 beautiful children and dedicated to keeping real! I LOVE U KLS!


KLS, I love you till da end gurl! I love you and your "Fabulosity" so much im dong my senior project on you. I have your book, jewlery and shoes. Everyone knows the i LOVE baby Phat @ school ( Pinecrest High in N.C. The book has realy helped me out. If you get this could you send incouragements to me cause im having a hard My mentor is VernalMclean from Sanford, N.C of "One point Fashions" he sells Baby Phat & Phat Farm. I saw him in a pic. with Russel, so I think he knows you. Any waz, Back 2 my paper. Gotta represent you well. Love Chelley

shamra aka fuzzy

OMG!!!!!! i luv u so much. u r like an idol 2 me and i luv ur show. u r an insporation 2 me(although im only 13) and i just want 2 let u kno that im doing a projsect on u in my drama clase. if this is really u Ms. simmons i hope tht u reasd this and become happy. and if u dont get 2 this its ok because i kno u r so fabulous and busy.
luv me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps tell ur daughters i said there growing up to become something just like u.l

cheap jordans

With luck, this process is already under way.

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