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Why does Russel look like the retarded boy on the short yellow schoolbus?

shan keith

hey kimora, this is shan keith, a fashion designer from st. louis, mo. I am trying to show-case my work and get all of my designs out there for the world to see. I've been doing local shows for so long and not getting any where but unfulfilled dreams and stories from wanna-be's. If there is a way i can send my porfolio to you in order to show you some of my work I would greatly appreciate that. I have no formal design or sewing training. I learned everything from God and my mother. I sew my own garments and I am willing to listen and learn what it take to get my family out of st. louis and stop working a nine-five and start pursuing my dreams. please Kimora if you get the chance, READ MY EMAIL AND RESPOND, whether it be positve or negative.

sincerely, SHAN KEITH

Myqueria Hallman

hi how u doing today i love ur u and ur kid

Myqueria Hallman

hi how u doing today i love ur u and ur kid

dom pérignon

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J.  Chamberlain

I am doing a project and am looking for some older photos of Miss Kimora during her Lagerfeld days and her early runway years. It is difficult to find any photos on line of this. Any suggestions? Thanks So



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Probably he was overwhelmed on what he saw.

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