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Tam'Ecia Bynum

Iknow that Ms.Simmons is a very busy person with no time for wasting time.I know as well as others how greatly talented Kimora is, im trying to share an idea with Kimora that i came up with that i see her using and making so fabulous.If you Ms. Simmons read your own mail or if this is an assistant please tell me a way i can introduce my idea to her.I think she will really see my idea to fit with her work, i wanted to share this with her and company before sharing it with any other designers.I see this(my idea) becoming a permanent part of her fashion line. PLEASE CONTACT ME, if at all possible. My name is Tam'Ecia Bynum my cell# 702-587-1249 my e*mail add is [email protected],my schedule is open and available for any questions you may have. Thank you for taking the time to read this,hopefully i will hear from someone soon!Have a blessed day!!!!

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