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kacie long

i think kimora aoki ming a beautiful and talented and kimora im doing this thing in school it's a compare and contrast thing i'm doing it on u and lauren london.



Brittany Norris

I am a tenth grade student at LCHS in Sanford NC. I Love Kimora Lee!! I worte a paper on her and I want to post it. so here it is:

What makes a woman fabulous? Is it her hair, her clothing or her personality? Kimora Lee Simmons seems to have been born on a cloud of perfection and women around the world have embraced her as an idol. She seemingly appeared out of thin air when she burst onto the seen as a Chanel model in her teenage years. She went from modeling classes to being crowned The First Lady of Hip Hop. She is what many would call the American Dream and has accomplished a lot in her short lifetime.

The woman who is now known as Kimora Lee Simmons was once know as “chinky giraffe, a mean named children made up to taunt the five feet eight inch tall ten year old. Kimora was born in Saint Louis, Missouri to Joanne Perkins (Mother) and Vernon Whitlock Jr. When Kimora was eleven years old her mom enrolled her in a modeling class hoping that it would boost her self conscience daughter’s confidence. At the age of thirteen Kimora was discovered by Marie-Christine Kollock and sent to Paris to model for Chanel. Although she was always quite busy with modeling, she managed to graduate from Lutheran High School North.

Since being a model for Chanel Mrs. Simmons has married (1998) and divorced (2007) Hip Hop icon, Russell Simmons among a number of other things. Kimora is what one would call a “Jackie of All Trades”. She is a very magnificent clothing designer, an exceptional actress and has a hit TV reality show called “Life in the Fab Lane”. She qualifies as a former video vixen, having been in Ginuwine’s “In Those Jeans” music video. She appeared in the motion picture “Beauty Shop”, starring Queen Latifah and also had a role in “Waist Deep”. Besides having her own reality show, she has appeared on the hit TV show, “America’s Next Top Model”.

Being a fan of “Life in the Fab Lane”, I can say that Kimora is a personality chameleon. When it comes to running her business she can be described as ambitious and outgoing, but put her in a room with a couple of friends or her two beautiful daughters and she transforms into a burst of sunshine. She loves to laugh and one of her favorite pastimes is playing dress up with Aoki and Ming. Kimora is an explorer in the sense that she isn’t afraid to try anything once. She is a woman who is able to admit when she’s wrong and learns from her mistakes, which in my opinion, makes her the perfect example for Aoki and Ming to follow.

Before her funny and giddy roles, in movies and on TV shows, Kimora had her white hot clothing line. Sky rocketing from the beginning in 1999, BabyPhat has become one of, if not the biggest female clothing line in the world. Providing looks from grown and sexy to chick and sporty, the line is a favorite of women of all ages and races. BabyPhat has recently added a fragrance to their line of products. The line also includes shoes, outerwear, pajamas, jewelry and handbags. In March 18, 2008, Kimora was awarded the key to the city of St. Louis where March 18 is now known as Kimora Day. She has been credited with inspiring this generation with her unique and sexy-but-subtle sense of style, bubbly personality and is a business icon to many.

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Kimora Lee Simmons seems to have been born with perfection and women around the world loves her.

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