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Kimora has the fugliest neck/throat i've ever seen on someone who considers themselves a model. Watch to see it on E! if you don't believe me. It looks fat (not phat) and the neck creases are gross. I wish they'd take her off of E!. At least in her photographs they airbrush those nasty creases off of her neck and out of the pic. It does not help though because I know they are there. Maybe she should get some botox for her neck or a necklift. Please forward this to her if you can. Thanks.


hi kimora, i live in england and ever so often i look on your website because i think your clothes are really nice. Forget all those people that leave stupid comments they are just haters !!!!!!!!!
so 2 all u haters f... you !!!!!

Jerry Orr

Dear kimora, I saw your show today for the first time and i was in ahhhhhhhhh over how beautiful you and your family are .Im a 35 year old gay white male who loves children but im single and peobably not going to have any of my own i have been trying to land a live in nannny job or as i call it manny job. i would love to work for you i know we would get along wonderful im very well traveled and im upbeat like you .Well i hope you would at least consider me i think your girls are fab! just like there mommy! Anyway call me sometime or shoot me an email make my life just to talk to you would make me a diferent person . Happy Holidays to you and you family.
Jerry Orr
5243 faught road
santa rosa ca, 95403
7072065324 god bless

Jerry Orr

Wow! some people amaze me on how rude they can be ...don't they have a life. They need to take a good long look in the mirror and tell themselfs what they see and be honest probably will see a sad little boy or little girl that has never had the courage to accept themselfs for who they are ..kimora we should feel sorry for these people and pray for them. I can only hope they get the help they need to have a netter life .. kimora rocks and you know it.... Jerry

kaneshia trueheart

hello kimora this is kaneshia trueheart i just needed to talk to you so if you could message me back could you message me back on my email
thank you

kaneshia trueheart

hello kimora this is kaneshia i was just wondering if i could talk to you about something if you could message me back to my email address

christina sardi

I think Kimora is so beautiful, but I wonder if her hair is realy straight or straightened?


dear kimora '
i am doing a biography book report on you and could not find your book at the library and am wondering what the basics are i would appreciate any help thanks!


I love baby phat that is all i wear


Dear Kimora you are all about fabulosity you inspire me i wanna be just like you i all ready made up a company name and i also designed and made a lot of outfits,jewrely,shoes,purses and lipgloss also i even designed a word to describe me MAVALOSITY


i doing a 2 page essay on KLS and I need more info from this laosy webpage i love KLS but this site sucks


Why are there people coming to someone's website just to bash them? So, your telling me that people actually take their time to research a person whom they dislike, just to throw dirt on that person's name? I say it's a front & these muth*fu**** are weak. GET A LIFE!!!!!!! & get off Kimora.
-A Loyal Fan.


I'm a huge Kimora fan, and I always defend her. This is what I have had to say lately!

Wow, For ya’ll to rank on Kimora like that really says alot and really shows jealously. And for the record, the dress has nothing to do with Mexico @ all. And for the comment about her walking one runway, you have got to be out of your mind. She got discover when she was 13 by Lagerfeld (if your ignorant butt even knows who that is) and began modeling for Chanel. And I’m not even going to comment on the ignorant remark about her parenting skills being a joke. When you can run a billion-dollar company, be mom, and live a Fabulous life like her, then you can talk shit! She’s the one standing walking with her head up high, and way more successful then you will ever be you pathetic ass life. So find something or someone else to talk about, which won’t be hard once you look in the mirror!


kimora is a stupid little bitch

Laronda Taylor

How did Kimora Get to where she is right now? What did she have to do to be successful in fashion designing?


Dear kimora

hi my names arissa, 12 years old iam your number one fan.i wass woundering if you can email me. cause i have a biogrphy report to do and i decied to do it on u.cause its due on oct.3 so can you please email i really need a A+ on this so i can geta sidekick from my parents. i always watch your show kimora lee simons life in the fab lane. i think your kids are adorible. when i grow up i want to be ceo and actrist.
can you please please help me on my report!!!

jamila dhere

well, im really inspired by you. and i'm trying to major in business, so im taking this business class in my high school called Entrepreneurship. my teacher told us to get a person that is an entreprenur and write a biography about them and present it infront of the class. its sunday now and we all chose our people on thursday, like always i procrastinated and its due tomorrow. I now realized that your are not an euntrepreneur and you've wasted 16 years of my life. 16 years i will never get back. i htought you were the best role-model, but now i will fail this presentation, which will make me fail the course, which will give me a bad average, which will not get me into university, which will not let me major in business, which will make me a hobo/bum. and you will be to blame. just remember, keep all your fans in your heart, pray for them at night. because now i don't have a life to prosper in. don't have dreams no more, all because a black man had to marry an asian lady and get you. Why don't you just die? because i sure will, filling children with lies, my whole closet is babyphat. and now i have nothing. the only thing i thought i had. FUCK YOU KIMORA LEE PERKINS, FUCK YOU!


wats up i lov your clothes




Why is the Kimora Lee Scholarship Fund only for girls?

Considering that boys are the ones lagging behind? Boys need help more than girls, this day & age. Is this perpetuating anti-male sexism by ignoring boys and focusing on getting girls in to schools?

Dissertation Help

I love your blog so much, and there are just some differences with others'. Hope there will be more wonderful things in your blog. Happy every day!

Celebrity Fashion

I like Kimora she rocks.

Jordans 3

This post really had me thinking about this particular issue in way I havent before. Its something I do believe we need to talk about more. Thankyou.


She's very self centered and treats people like shit, i dont admire her one bit in terms of her being compassionate with other people..oprah..kimora....i know who ia a better role model in terms of the right attitude and personlaity.

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