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hi um i'm doing a report on kimora and i was wondring what gave her the inspiration to model and design clothes


I'm doing a speech on Kimora and can I get some info on her childhood, education and her career? Thanks!


hey boo boo


I am doing a report on kimora and i really need so info about her today i have 1 day to complete this and i have not started if i don't finish i would get a f on my grades and test i can't have that can you help me? thank you!


wadup shotta yout


im doing a research paper on kimora and i need a lotta info about her so that i can do my report... so if yall can help me find some stuff about her like her childhood experiences or anything juss email it to me or instant messgage me on AiM @ xosw3etxdesiire ... thank yooh pllzz.... ohh and my myspace is

Brittany Forney

i need all the info i can get on kimora by monday! pleaz help me! =(

lauren arceneaux

i think kimora is so fabolous. im doing a biographical essay on her


ayyy wut up!!!!
im doin a research paper on kimora lee simmons and i need alot of info bout her so i can do ma report... i waz wonderin if u can send me things bout her childlife experiences..etc..plzzz!!!:(
if u can itz betta 4 me dat u instant message me at latinbaby1256 aim
or ma myspace
thank u sooo much!!!


hey, my name is sandra i am doing a project were i join with baby phat, and i would like just a little of information on how the company is doing so i can put it in my report i have form now to june 6th so can you try hard to email me ....


Kimora I'm inspired by your fashion ,I only have one outfit that's the only thing my mom can afford ,one day I really like to meet you.I would like to own my clothing line.Your children is the cutiest celebrithy kids.May you please write back.Your number one fan Ariel right back at [email protected]

Dean garland

Kimora, hello this is Dean. How is Joann? I'm so proud of you.I would love to hear from you. I was looking at some pictures we took in the greatroom in St Louis. They remind me of a wonderful time in my life. The girls a beautiful. Mom says that she would love to see them too. Call us sometimes, Joann did have the number, I'm listed in the phone book. cell is 810-423-2731. I hope i hear from you soon. Kiss your mon, and the kids for me. Dean


I am doing a presentation on kimora lee simmons about how she change how see things now and changing our generation. Its for entrepreneurship..plz help!!!

jasmine D.

Dear Kimora,
My name is Jasmine.I'm 12years old,and I am a total fan.I was wondering if you could e-mail me and help me out on my report that i'm doing on the two rolemodels of my life.My mom and you.Please help me out.I really need to get this A+ so i can be a rolemodel to other kids like you are to me.Please,please help me.


Hey Kimora my name is tieath and im 13!i love u so much im one of your biggest fans! i love your style i just love everything about u! You like a barbie 2 me your my role model some day i want 2 be just like you.Your daughters are so lucky 2 have a mom like you and your daughters are da most precious babies i ever seen dey even look better den me when i was younger.You and Tyra banks i look up 2 without u 2 i dont know wat i would do! your husband love him 2 girl cuz he is so funny!will let me rap things kimora god bless you and your family! love ya bye

raven parker

well my name is raven and i am 16 years old and i love kimora she real and the socitey cant handle and african american women doing big things so i say this keep it up kimora and i hope to see you for more years to come

Temeraka G

i have one day to this report in class and today is that day so if you could please help me find more stuff it will help me so greatly

Babi D

well im doin dis report on u n i need a lil mo stuff. so hook a sista up


Kimora your clothes are fabulous and I love everything about them. But I think you need to start thinking about the sistah's that have buttie. The crouch cut in your jeans are really for the asian or the white girls with no buttie. Everytime I try on a pair of your jeans it's the crouch that get's me everytime. There is not enough space. So think about that next time you are designing your jeans. THINK CROUCH.


My 10 year old caucasian daughter (paper is white, not people)was told today in school by an african american girl that she looks ugly wearing Baby Phat. Can anyone explain why this would be said? My daughter is beautiful and fashion savvy. She plans to be a fashion designer one day. (Really, she has been sketching her designs for fashions and accessories, creating her logo, choosing color palettes for her make-up line, and experiementing with scents for a fragrance line too!) I'd hate to think that she was told this because she is caucasian. What do you think?



Dirk Vleugels

Do you know the TV series “Worlds apart” ? It’s about American middle class families spending 10 days with other middle class families in Morocco, Mongolia, etc,

I wonder how Kimora would behave in Mongolia, because she would have to kill animals with her own hands (using a knife) in order to survive.

Kimora is a bitch, she thinks that money allows her to dictate other people what to do. She behaves like the last Empress of China (1835 – 1908)

Of course Kimora isn’t Chinese, but she behaves like the last Empress of China.

She should understand that 70 years from now, her body will be food for worms, or, if she prefers cremation, her ashes will be carried by the wind,

Seventy years from now nobody will remember her. Her children and grandchildren will look at her photos, but the world will not remember her, because unlike Einstein and other famous persons, Kimora will not be remembered.

Why do Americans believe in prolonging life ? According to TV talk shows, one should eat a particular kind of food, work out, jog, anything to pursue eternal youth.

They are so wrong. No amount of plastic surgery, or any surgery, will keep us young. Death will follow, it is as if American Hollywood stars want to defy death. Believe me, eventually they will die.

I remember George Burns who was asked : Isn’t smoking bad for you ? and he replied : Yes, many doctors told me not to smoke, but they are all dead now, and I am still alive.

George Burns died at the grand old age of 100 !

Poor stressed out contemporary Americans !

Frank Sinatra smoked more than 2 packs of cigarettes a day, and Dean Martin too. They died, so will the people who do not smoke cigarettes.

Kimora Lee said that she hates people who smoke cigarettes. She does not understand that the air outside her house also is polluted. In the year 2070 she will be an old woman, and she will accept smokers….


Dr Dirk Vleugels

Dirk Vleugels

Dirk Vleugels, thanks for the post. Kimora is a joke. The kids posting here who want help with their "reports" should take some remedial English lessons. Most of them can't compose a coherent sentence. Do they know that you have to be able to speak and write well if they want to amount to anything? Sorry, but, text-messaging just won't cut it. Also, they should think about writing their reports on a woman who actually matters, a woman such as Jane Addams, Susan B. Anthony, Saint Joan of Arc, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias, Bandaranaike, Clara Barton, Florence Bascom, Simone de Beauvoir, Aphra Behn, Ruth Fulton Benedict, Shirley Temple Black, Elizabeth Blackwell, Bonnie Kathleen Blair, Rosa Bonheur, Louise Arner Boyd, Pearl S. Buck
Marie Anne de Cupis de Camargo, Rachel Carson, Catherine the Great, Chien-shiung Wu, Cleopatra,
Juana Ines de la Cruz, Marie Curie, Agnes George de Mille, Emily Dickinson, Amelia Earhart, Marian Wright Edelman, Eleanor of Aquitane, Beatrix Jones Farrand, Edith Flanigen, Anne Frank, Rosalind Elsie Franklin, Betty Naomi Friedan, Elizabeth Gurney Fry, Margaret Fuller, Indira Gandhi, Helen Keller, Billie Jean King,
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross,
Susette La Flesche Tibbles,
Maya Lin, Wilma Mankiller,
Maria Montessori, Mother Theresa, Baroness Murasaki Shikibu, Florence Nightingale, Georgia O'Keeffe, Vijaya Lakshimi Pandit, Emmeline Pankhurst,
Rosa Parks, Eva Peron, Christine de Pizan, Pocahontas, Sally Ride,
Alexandra Romanov, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, etc. Now, I know kids will read this list and exclaim for many of them, who the hell is that? That's the really sad thing: kids worship Kimora, a woman who got where she is because of her beauty, something she was born with, through no talent of her own. Shameful.


Kimora has the fugliest neck/throat i've ever seen on someone who considers themselves a model. Watch to see it on E! if you don't believe me. It looks fat (not phat) and the neck creases are gross. I wish they'd take her off of E!. At least in her photographs they airbrush those nasty creases off of her neck and out of the pic. It does not help though because I know they are there. Maybe she should get some botox for her neck or a necklift. Please forward this to her if you can. Thanks.

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