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Portia Smith

I would like to know the address for the Headquarters of Baby Phat because I would love to send my resume their.

Thank you,
Please get back to me as soon as possible.
Russel and Kimora hope ya'll work yall problems out because those two little girls don;t need money they need a good family and great Parents which yyou two are totally.

Remeesha Young

I am just starting my modeling career and I would like to be one of your models for Baby Phat I am pretty and I have what it takes.

Angela Guidry

I would like to send you pictures of my baby girl Armani who would like to be one of your models for your children line of Baby Phat.
-Thanks for your time.

Shavonda Williams

I would love for my 8 year old Brianna Ashley to be a baby phat model. She has taken modeling courses and has her pictures.

So let me know what I need to do. Thanks!


I would love to send some of my 6month old sons pictures to Kimora. He is biracial and the most adorable little boy you have ever met! Can you send me some company info?

Greta Halvorson

Hello my name is Greta and I have been modeling for 4 years. I also will have my BA in fashion marketing. Baby Phat is the mirror image of myself. If anyone could get back to me that would be greatly appreciated. If you need pictures or resume. Please let me know. [email protected]
thank you and hope to work with your company soon. It truely will be a dream come true. I spoke with a gentleman from the company quite awhile ago.

Summer Godfrey

Hi Kimora, I have a nine year old that is beautiful and would make a great model for baby phat. I am not just interested in helping her b/c she is pretty but she is passionate about fashion and design at such a young age that I would really appreciate an opportunity for her to hone in on these skills now and develope them. She is awesome and has been at it since age 2. Will you please give her a shot and let me know if this is possible? Can I send you pics and where? Love Ya!



Tiffany Davis

HI Kimora you are a very beautiful lady. I saw you on the Tyra Banks show with your girls and they are to cute. My 2 daughters are beautiful and i would like them to model to.So if you can help me in any way that would be lovely. Love ya

Dewi Wilson

I would love for my daughter to be a model for your company. She is 16 months and has a very unique look. She is Black, Indonesian, and Irish. She is very tall and slim. She has dark, silky, curly hair and big brown eyes. I know you have to be with an agency and all but I live in the middle of no where and I have to work so I can't take her to auditons and stuff.


LaTrese Hicks

Hey Kimora, My name is LaTrese and I attend The Art Institute of Dallas for fashion design. I ws wondering if I could do an internship for Baby Phat. If any one can tell who or how to get in touch with some one at my email address ([email protected]) I would really appreciate it, Luv Ya, LaTrese Hicks.


Hi Kimora, How are you? My name is Hope and I have been a model since 9th grade..I am now in my third year of college. I'm looking for a career as a model and I would really love to get started as a model for you..I know you probably hear that alot but i'm relly committed to modeling. I would really appreciate it if I get a response back. Thank you so much.. Hope

Iayana Crumbery

Hi Kimora Lee Simmions my name is Iayana Crumbery i'm from the ATL and I'm senior at North Springs High School. I have a PASSION for fashion and would love to learn more about the industry. I am requesting if you have any opprotunities for internships within your organization I would be deeply honored to work along side with you to become an asset to your company. You can contact me by e-mail at [email protected]. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Urecker watts

Hi my name is urecker Watts, I'm currently a fashion design student at Bauder College. I am looking for an internship with a progressive company that will allow me to use my skills and training while being a productive intern. My expected graduation date is 12/07.

Shanietta Wilson

Dear Ms Baby Phat
My name is Shanietta and first I like to say you are wonderfulll,thats with 3 L's.I love fashion.Thats all I look for in my day is to think of something new that I can come up with in my drawing. I didn't know it will be so hard to enter the world on fashion till now. I always wanted to be a designer.For some people it's a want because of the money but,for me it's a DREAM,PASSION,AND MY LIFE. I'm fashion and fashion is within me.I would love to work under you and learn from the best so I can be the best.I wrote your best friend Tyra last week cause I didn't know about this site,so I ask her to help me meet.''Lol''. So if you can help me be an intern at Baby Phat I will Love it and I would work my butt off for you and do what it takes to be great.
Thank you,,,,Shanietta(want to be designer)

Gabrielle Cobb

Hello Mrs. Simmons my name is Gabrielle and i just want to let you know that I love your clothes so much.Im not here to promote my modeling or tell you things like that because thats not whats important. I would like to know if there's magazines or anything that i could subscribe to to get updates on the latest fashion.Even if your able just to give me an e-mail back to let me know you got my email would be an honor.Thanks, hope to here from you.


Dear, Kimora Lee Simmions my name is Rosa i'm from the London and I'm at university at one of the top fashion university.I was born in Italy I'm due to graduate next year.With plans to move to the states for good.I have a PASSION for fashion and would love to learn more about the industry. I am requesting if you have any opprotunities for internships within your organization I would be deeply honored to work along side with you to become an asset to your company. You can contact me by e-mail at italian.stalianess1@hot Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Diana Robinson

Hi am Diana Robinson a upcoming fashion Designer also a photoghahy. I love fashion sleep fashion and dream fashion ,my motive for life is to never sleep because there someone out there who want it as bad as you.My style is very unique I follow my own trend I believe that fashion portray so many spunkyness,funk,heart and a chance to think outsibe of the box.I study many designer ,upcoming designer fashion files any thing that gives me a feel of fashion it"s a energy drink to me.My personality speak for it self am a people person very far out ,networking is my key goal. I would be exicted and honored to work with you and your staff if there is any oppourtunity in the furture. I would vounteer to help if help if needed.Thank You!!!!


Hi, my name is Jeanette and I'am 16 years of age. I really do like to model and after high school I plan on going to college to be the next top fashion designer just like you. I love your clothes not only that I would like to model for baby phat to start my career off. If you could just get back to me asap when your "not too" busy. ~MUCH LOVE~


Hello Kimora, I watch your show on a weekly basis which is out of character for me due to it not being any versions of CSI. I have truly become captivated by your strength and character as a leader. I am pursuing my Ph. D. in Higher Educ. and I am intrigued with your company. I am writing inquiring as to how do I submit a resume for possible employment with your Baby Phat / KLS. Thank you for your time.

Sara Holt

Hi Kimora! I am interested in modeling some of your baby phat clothing. I just recently had some pics done and I'm just waiting to get them edited. I am half korean, quarter white and quarter indian. I'm 5'8", 117 lbs, hazel eyes, long dark brown hair. Please let me know if you would be interested.



I like baby phat clothing - but i hat the lot of fakers. Do you know where i can buy original baby phat shirts etc.?


Hey Kimora! I would love to be a model for your clothing line! Or if I could work for your company in anyway like volunteer work thats great too. And I know you get a lot of these kind of requests but if you could, please write me back and let me know. Thank you!

raushanah Maxwell

Hi Kimora,
I just want to say first that you are my idole, I amire you so much. I watch your show on the style channel and I just love it. I have a passion for fashion and I would love to work for you. If you are looking for a driven assistant that can help with kids and work that is me. I also have a 7 year old son, and you inspire me everyday to be the best single mother I can be.


Hi Ms.Kimora, I am Ms.Pe'Riyon and I am an upcoming entertainer and I am interested in modeling for your company.I know I am a good canidate for a company that has room to grow! If you are interested can you email me in with the details if you have any room for a young lady with ambition?.

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