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that's good for her trying to steal from everyone. i hope you press charges on her because she always steals like she stole the song survivor from oh dude from another country. she fired letoya luckett and latavia because they found out she was taking their money and they sued her twice. then she got on television and said she would never were real fur then turned and wore it. she stole her dance on the baby boy video from another country and used it on baby boy. then she begged destinys child for a star on the red carpet and the n turned around and said she didn't when it was calledout at the recieving and blamed the other girls like they need it but she doesn't they are so stupid. then lied about an onstage persona. adn i guess kelly and michelle doesn't have one so they just give lap dances any way. so she can look innocent and they look like sluts.


she says she has an onstage persona which is so fake it means that your not comfortable in your on skin. Madonna doesn't need one Blondie sure doesn't need an onstage persona. beyonce gets to much credit for making women fill beautiful about full figured bodies and then she turns around and looses weight and uses an onstage persona. it's all a lie beyonce isn't a icon jennifer lopez was already our full figured body icon and she has a big booty foreal. beyonce, a song about booty doesn't make you have a booty but not only you should know that but also the braggers. you said that you hated the song but now your trying to cherish the word for you r clothing line. you ain't shit. you say that you right your own songs when you don't jay z does he should get the songwriter of the year award cause you ain't shit. you staying with a man who cheated on you twice because he's making you beats that 's why you broke up with your first boyfriend because he couldn't. face it without jay you'll be nothing but another R&b artist gone solo with music thta still sound similar to destiny's childs music. shit without jay you probably wouldn't even went solo you'll probably still be with destiny's child. you still the average you just get a little more because your for sale. now later on you'll realize you ain't left anything behind just your brain which didn't work anyway. so once again you ain't shit. you said you were shy but you r not you lie you steal and you whorify of hoeify yourself to the biggest men in the media and you r for sale. so last but definitely not least you ain't shit.


that goes out to beyonce that you ain't shit. press charges on they ass greg walker and have they ass arrested so everyone will see they ain't shit.


OMG!! There are some serious hatting going on!! Deandra when is the last time you had a clothing line or had a hit record??


I'm trying to figure out why you're so mad. Do you know Beyonce personally? You shouldn't believe everything you hear. Do you put this much effort into your personal life? If you did I believe you would have more to do with yourself instead of keeping up with the negative things that are supposed to be true about Beyonce. Spend more time focusing on yourself and you might have someone wanting to be all up in your business because their jealous of you for being such a creative, and beautiful person. I also think you may need to seek counseling for you OCD. MOST OF ALL GET A LIFE YOU STANK ASS BITCH!!!!! <3 XOXOX

Michelle Y. Martin/ NC (Panthers)!!!!!!

Well I want to congradulate Beyonce on her success! She is doing wonderful! Usually when somebody talks negative about you, their jealous and wish they could do those things, that Beyonce is doing. She is just blessed. I believe the media makes things worse. You can see her character when she graces the stage, whether it may be a performance or an interview! She has a sweet and shy personality until she performs it all comes out. Kind of like Micheal Jacksons personality! Being a black female, we should be congradulating Beyonce not breaking her down. Support her and if you don't like her keep it to yourself. A person needs to find their own calling in life and set yours goals so, you can be properous. God put everyone her for a reason, it's up to you to see what God has in store!! I believe when you find what God has in store for you, you won't focus on other people and critisize people over stupid stuff. Go Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To all you Haters-B's getting paid and yall aint so stop HATING.


A! now Beyonce is a great person, do as the Lord say's and stop HATIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaniec Kincaid

It is quite unfortunate that Beyonce is going through this situation. But I must say, she is not only beautiful, but talented as well. It's not very common, especially in today's industry, that people have both qualities. She is an inspiration to me and by far the best singer (along with Christina Agilera)of today's time. I wish her the best and in time this situation will work itself out. As for Deandra....PLEASE GET A LIFE! You are so worried about Beyonce, but the question is.....Is she worried about you? And the answer is...NO.


wow! beyonce looks hot in that beyonce dereon fashion clothes line!

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