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September 19, 2007



You should contact the biggest News Station in town and have them go out there and do a big story...that will take care of it....relatives will start calling or other people just like you that care about privacy.
And the state or what ever private party that owned the hospital will be forced to destroy the records.

That is insane! But I believe it.
You here these stories all the time. I had at least two stories like that on TV in my town this year.


Man, that is really messed up! I wonder why they did not either place them in storage or burn them when the morgue was closed? I am not sure who you would have to call about it...maybe you could call the state morgue and see if they can do anything about it. Good luck :-)


Call the police department? Or the City Attorney?


Oh, my God: that is horrible and I agree that you should contact the State's Attorneys General's Office of whomever is in charge of the morgues. This is an atrocious breach of privacy for their heirs, and with DNA the way it is now, "John" or "Jane" Does may be able to be identified. Please post and let us know. Thank you.



I have worked in the medical field for well over 20 years, this is bad. This is a clear violation of the HIPPA Act, if you can.. someone should be contacted within you local and state goverment. If not get the media involved.
Good luck and it is haunting to know this.


This is real bad. Best is to inform the relevant authority to clean up the mess. I will not want to be treat by this kind of hospital even if i were to be sick. They can't even keep their premises clean and tidy, can i trust them if i let them operate on my body?

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