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October 07, 2004



And welfare recipients needn't apply either! To quote Tytler: "A Democracy...can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury."?

The Dems' message relies on the assumption that no one will do any research on their own. And Dem voters most certainly always hold up their end.

We want these people voting?


Whatever, whatever. Your comment deleted cause you won't own your opinions. That means they're not too highly valued here. ~tgom


O Contrare!! Anyone with an IQ above 10 can plainly see that these requirements are the bare minimum of voter eligibilty.

I'm sorry to inform you whatever that you do not qualify. I suggest that you continue to read the insightful commentary here and take notes. Citing BTO, you need educatin'

BTW, tell me who you want to be President/VP.


Oops - sorry Johnny. As you can see, whatever's unqualified to vote comments were deleted.


Yes T, I had the unfortunate luck of catching a momentary glipse of whatever whatever said. Oh well, seems I already forgot whatever it was. : )


These are the bare minimums indeed!

I would venture to add that requirements include at least a passing understanding of economics and an understanding of what our military is and how it functions (as opposed to having a view of the military based on what you saw in movies i.e Dr Strangelove, etc.).


I say that The Tall One should publish a "digest of the undigestable" each week highlighting the garbage left on her site by those too scared to identify themselves!

Tim Jansing

I suggest an additional requirement.
Voters must actually recognize historical persons, and be able to ascertain if the world is a better place in their absences.
Suggested names:
King George II
Kaiser Wilhelm
Adolf Hitler
Mao Tse-tung
Joseph Stalin
Edi Amin Dada
Pol Pot

But this does smack of the old Jim Crow voter restriction tricks.


No doubt you don't post comments that in any way raise the idea that Bush might not be a good president, let alone those that state he is a blatant liar surrounded by Yes Men, as well as a dullard. So, I won't hold my breath to see if this turns up on the web.
I stumbled on your site by mistake. You are obviously as ranting a fanatic as can be found in most cultures, e.g. Saddam's Iraq, Hitler's Germany, Mugabe's Zimbabwe. You have no real idea of the world and live in a bubble gilted by Republican doctrine. Those of us who have actually been to Iraq know that the administration's portrayal of the situation is far from the truth. You also have very little capacity to think for yourself as you seem to jump on the bandwagon of any anti-Kerry statement, and whilst I'm sure many are true, logic tells us they can't all be. If you put yourself in a position where you are going to vomit your ideas all over the web for all to see, try to portray yourself as a more balanced thinker than you have up to this point.
I look forward to seeing if this is posted, and what, if anything, you say in reply.


Ian stumbles and bumbles it's way though the web and through life spewing nonsense, pessimism, and utter foolishness. Having no original thoughts, no problem solving skills it lashes out in frustration.

Lighten up, look forward to 4 more years of success and victory. Have some fun.


Johnny nicely addresses the raised points. Feels just like a presidential debate. (Please note for those who are a bit slow, like W., the previous sentences come with lashings of sarcasm).
What the hell does "Have some fun" mean?


I enjoy your site even though at times your opinions have been straight from the bush bandwagon. Your site is one of the many sites I visit (from work) and while I do consider it somewhat educational it is not always factually correct, but it is still great to see someone taking more than just a stand to voice their opinion.

Oh by the way '4 more years of success and victory'= over a 1000 US soldiers killed and over 15,000 innocent Iraqis dead since start of war. Hmmmm that is quite a success story cannot wait for the victory parade...oh I forgot we had in on that aircraft carrier with the banner “Mission Accomplished”.

San Diego CA


Can I score bonus points if I can in addition to naming the above for the state I'm formally registered in, but for the two I've "temporarily resided in" within the past year?


Yes, strike the names off the rolls that might not agree with you - that'd make an outstanding democracy! You need views from both sides for a healthy electorate.

BTW, 'disingenuine' is not a word - the word you might be thinking of is 'disingenuous.'


[Yes, strike the names off the rolls that might not agree with you]

Not true at all, I'm not suggesting they have to agree with me. I'm just suggesting they need to be informed about things.

[that'd make an outstanding democracy!]

Actually, what's threatening to democracy are the democrats who've been working tirelessly to keep Ralph Nader off ballots across the country.

[BTW, 'disingenuine' is not a word - the word you might be thinking of is 'disingenuous.']

No, actually petr, I was thinking of disingenuine. I have a dictionary too--and it's not even dusty. But I also use pages from my president's book of strategery and make up my own words here from time to time to entertain myself--and usually others, but I guess not you.


Why do you choose to edit my comments with your responses? Surely you could add your own comment to respond to mine!

Oh, I guess I should just be happy that I wasn't censored. Sheesh.


Oh, there's my post!

Ignore my previous whining...


[I guess I should just be happy that I wasn't censored.]

You must be new.


[Oh by the way '4 more years of success and victory'= over a 1000 US soldiers killed and over 15,000 innocent Iraqis dead since start of war.]

key word there being *war*

Have you ever checked the stats on WWII or Vietnam? Or seen this...

The massgraves

[Your site is one of the many sites I visit (from work) and while I do consider it somewhat educational it is not always factually correct]

If you're going to charge me, I would prefer you leave an example of this...


[quote] "I guess I should just be happy that I wasn't censored"
i have been drink from this site for about 4 months now and i can say that I have never seen any posts censored! Read some of the farleft wing liberal misinformed dribble that has been posted by people in the past including some islamic properganda. not of it censored. only thing that gets deleted are posts that limpwrists are to ashamed to put their name to.


How 'Jim Crow' of you.
That was truly a great eight years: plunged our economy into the worst depression in a century, completely severed ties with the rest of the world, ruined any remnants of our reputation as a force of good in this world. Kudos

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