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August 12, 2004



TallGlass,congrats,nice work.Here's to continued success.



Well done you.

There's nothing smoother than a tall glass of milk...



Well done .... May you reach 500,000 soon!


keep 'em coming!


And I felt special when I finally passed 20k. It all goes to show that cream always rises.

(Well, crap floats too, but that's how I explain Atrios.)

Wayne Hurlbert

Congratulations on your outstanding visitor level achievement.

Good things come to those who deserve them. There is no one more deserving than our favourite Tall Glass Of Milk.

Raise a glass of milk in toast, as we all...Drink This...


TGOM: no, my dear, thank you for all the efforts you put in this blog, all your time and more. And thanks for letting your little German regular participate in so many interesting discussions! All the readers owe you big time!


P.S.: where are my crackers???? ;-)

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