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May 08, 2004


Tony Rosen

I almost hate to say it, but having lived in Houston most of my life (before moving up here to Idaho six weeks ago) ... we'll call them the "illegal population", but they are more like stinkin' locust . . . they move into an area, eat up all available resources, and then move on to another area.... sad really, because most people wouldn't care except for the whole "this is the nastiest place I've ever seen" thing.


I almost don't want to hear about celebrities "real lives" anymore...

It honestly takes away from me being able to enjoy their peformances. Ashley Judd was one of my all-time favorties and then she had to go and bash the President and scream for abortion rights. I was soooooo disappointed.


Then you would definitely NOT want to go to PABAAH! or FAMOUSIDIOT.COM :: The Art of Confusing Fame with Wisdom


And did you notice that the further away from Mexico you move in the US the less trash there is in the cities?
I wonder if maybe the abuse in Iraq might all be their fault too, their slovenly effect on American morals?


< And did you notice that the further away from Mexico you move in the US the less trash there is in the cities?>

Hmmm. Been to New York...? Seriously, though, that's a good point. Probably why I notice it being so bad here cause I'm used to a much cleaner environment. And that's after having lived in New York City for many years.

< I wonder if maybe the abuse in Iraq might all be their fault too, their slovenly effect on American morals? >

Hmmm. Don't think so... pretty sure that has to do with bad command, inexperienced reservists under unimaginable pressures who exercised poor judgment, regardless of any previous exposure to illegal immigrant behavior.


I wanted to see how far you were willing to take the immigrant factor.
A lot of the press seems to focus on the fact that these reservists were just ordinary people, that weren't properly trained. Which raises the question, if you take the average person, and put them in this situation, would their normal instincts be to use abuse and torture if they thought it were justified. In our society do we have to train that OUT of people? Or is the big issue the mix of regular forces, two week reservists, and contractors out to make a buck.


I don't agree with the people who say they weren't properly trained but I do believe they are inexperienced.

I believe they were trained. I also believe they had little chance to apply their training (practice if you will) prior to deployment.

It appears to me that once they had the chance, they took full advantage of the opportunity and went a little gung ho.


Will the garbage truck make a pit stop in Miami?


I'm back from Mexico... and I have to say, in the center of Mexico City, trash wasn't bad. I don't remember noticing it on the street. Areas outside of the center certainly had graffiti, but I wasn't walking around those areas much so I can't really say much about trash. In spite of vendor carts everywhere, there really wasn't trash strewn around the city or anything.

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